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Checkpoint Races: RC Baron Race Map

You can find this TopFun Van on top of the North Point Shopping Mall car park in Vice Point. Your task is to fly a race with RC planes.
And as with all these RC races you have to practise a lot. After 3 tries you already might have a chance of winning the RC airplane race. One lap on the course takes you about 2.45 mins.
Don't fly too high above the checkpoints or you will miss it. I like to fly higher between the checkpoints and then take an aimed dive down and collect the checkpoint just to rise again to not get stuck in some lanterns or other masts above the roads. Take a lead from the start and don't give up that position. The plane is shaky as hell, get used to it and fly the plane like that. Watch out at the one point past the hospital close to the pier. Here an advertisement billboard is totally in the way. I hit it every single time...

You need this mission too for the 100%.

A very similar mission is the Auntie Poulet Haitians: Bombs Away mission, you can practise for this mission here already...

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