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Checkpoint Races: RC Raiders Checkpoints Map

This RC mission features small helicopters. When driving towards the Escobar airport drive to the left to the luggage (instead of right to the terminal). If you see a blue sign on a building with ESCOBAR International Airport and Freight and Cargo Terminal written on it you are in the right place. To the right of the sign behind the fence is the TopFun Van. Your task is to find and collect 20 checkpoints with an RC helicopter.
You fly this without competition, you're only competing with your own skill. The controls are mean. Now get all 20 checkpoints.

I wrote down where they all are:

1) One some freight containers

2) Helipad

3) right on the roll field

4) next to the red radar thingy turning around there

5) between the first and the middle ramp

6) Hangar roof

7) between the last and the middle ramp

8) !!under the plane !! GET IT REALLY CARFUL

9) between hangar and house

10) at the tip of the antenna

11) behind the panel

12) next to the ramp

13) under the gangway

14) !! under the roof !! GET IT REALLY CARFUL

15) Under the gangway

16) Surf advertisement (Monsterstunt 10) in front of the terminal

17) Hangarroof

18) behind the panel

19) Hangar roof

20) Between the containers close to 1)

And you need this mission for the 100%.

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