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Quick Reload on all weapons.

Checkpoint Races: Shooting Range Map

After the Malibu Club: The Job mission the shooting range opens up in the backroom of the Ammu Nation in Downtown. Actually you can go there and shoot around anytime in the game but only after the just mentioned mission you can do this shooting as a mission.
The shooting range mission goal is to shoot 3 different far away puppets. Each puppet is made from 4 body parts and one head part. You have to take out every part of the puppet to get the points for it. The puppets in the front row give you 1 point each, the middle row puppets give you 2 points each and the backrow puppet give you 3 points each. You need 30 points for the $500 reward.
If you scored at least 45 points your weapons will reload faster now. This is quite useful. And you need the 45 points on the shooting range for the 100%.


Hint by alldead:
Shoot the 4 body parts only out from the puppet in the first and middle row and then only go for the puppets in the back row.

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