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$$$ per Ice

Get into the Mr. Whoopee and press the button Stick. Now the Mr. Whoopie melody sounds and attracts customers. Once you stop somewhere the game will tell you if there are customers near or not. If they are coming don't sell more than 4 icecreams (or whatever it is you are selling) at once, otherwise you will get a wanted level star. In case this happens turn off the melody and drive around until your wanted level is gone or drive into a Pay 'n Spray. It is also possible to sell your icecreams close to a Pay 'n Spray after all and then just rush into it.
Gangs like the Haitians, Cubans and the PIG security guys tend to attack the Mr. Whoopie van, so Little Haiti, Little Havana and Starfish Island are no good places to sell ice at all. You better try your luck around the Pay 'n Spray in Washington Beach or Vice Port, these are good spots to sell your icecream.
It is also a good advice to use the very distant view as you can see the cops coming at you from afar. You change the perspective of view with the select button. Once you sold 50 icecreams in a row (that means without getting out of the car or getting pulled out or the like) get out of the car and the mission is over.
Now Cherry Poppers Ice Cream generates $3,000 a day and the Mr. Whoopee Truck appears in front of the Factory.


- You just have to gently tap the button button/stick to start the melody, otherwise you just honk the horn. You need more skills to start the mission than for the actual mission.
On Android/iOS you activate the mission with a swipe gesture on the horn. Also not that easy.

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