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You first have to complete the Kent Paul: Death Row mission before you can start this mission.

Ohnoes, the frenchies are coming big time!
You can split this mission into 3 (and sometimes 4) parts and the consecutively get harder, but fear not, you can make it.
1. Boatattack

The French come at you with boats. Get on board and to the back of the boat and over the railing here. You are walking down a slope and are at the end. This place it the perfect position for shooting and you know that you are not supposed to get down here later on, as you won't be able to come back up again and this is pretty shitty.
So get out your Uzi, aim at the bastards and shoot them down. There are 5 of them you have to kill. And now it's getting black!

Let's start the second part.
2. Helicopter attack

Now they are coming on board of the Colonel's yacht. Get to the front and grab the Ruger. Shoot down all the incoming frenchies and take a look to the horizon to the front right. Once the helicopter appears start shooting it at once. You are told to take care of the ship but it's better to shoot down the heli with 4 frenchies on it than having the 4 fresh and new frenchies on board too.
In case they manage to make it on board switch to Uzi and shoot them all. Then switch to ruger again and wait for the next heli. There are 2 normal helicopters coming in.

3. Military attack

Now the Frenchies are over the top. An Apache military helicopter appears and starts shooting at you. But just keep cool and kill all the Frenchies that are coming in from the boats (with the Uzi) and shoot the Apache helicopter with the Ruger. Of course this will take some more time than the normal helicopters but sooner or later the Apache will go down.

4. Sink the ships (sometimes)

Sometimes you now have to get rid of the last ships now. But with the use of the Ruger this is no problem.


- Always be prepared before you start the mission. Armor, weapons, etc.
- Always check back to the upper deck and grab the health heart and more bullets for the Ruger.
- When the heart icon is gone just follow the stairs on the upper deck and go down one floor and back up again.
Don't fall down at the back end!!! Then you are cut off from the heart icon and the extra bullets.
- If you park your car on the next pier before starting the mission (there where the Frenchies appear in the cutscene) a lot less Frenchies appear while the first part of the mission. But the first part of the mission is not the hardest part...

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