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*Diaz as a Contact Person
*Starfish Island opens
*Rugar available at Ammunation

Now you are told to watch some guys dealing with coke. Perhaps this is even your coke? So get into the parking lot into the 2nd floor and grab your Ruger there. As soon as you touch the weapon Lance appears. So take your guest with you too.
Drive to the meeting point and meet Diaz who appears in a bulletproof Admiral (more on this below in the hints). Now walk to and stand in the pink marker. The position the game offers you is not that great as the stairs are in your sight. Just walk along the edge of the roof a bit more until you are in the corner. This is a much better position here and it gets much easier to shoot from here.

As soon as the deal goes wrong shoot as many Haitians as possible. Grab the Sanchez after the shootout and chase the guy that escapes. Shoot the fleeing person. Grab his bag and bring it to Ricardo Diaz. Now he will be there for you as another contact person.


- Lance's Lamborg... uhm, Infernus is not that tough. You better use another car. You are in a carpark in Vice City after all...
- In case the better position I mentioned is not that good for you power up on health and armor and get a handgun with enough bullets ready and get down to the shooting people and do what you have to do.
- When you are on a Sanchez you can also shoot straight ahead, not only to the sides.
- Don't kill Lance, not by running over him, and when there are people shooting at him help him.
- Very interesting: Just shoot Diaz and his men as soon as you meet them and then get into the Admiral they leave behind. It is best to just shoot the guard to the right of Diaz. Diaz will just vanish then and the other guard walks away. If you shoot the left bodyguard first the one on the right will shoot you.
So why steal his car at all? This car is a bulletproof Admiral that you can only find in this mission in the game.
When you are not cheating there are only 3 properties you can own and that have garages this far into the game, so you can only keep 3 of the bulletproof Admirals. You can even set the car on fire without something bad happening, but when you flip it over it still blows up, and it also sinks in water and the tires are not resistant to the nail and spike strips the cops use. So the car is really helpful for missions where you can use your own car and don't need to use a mission specific vehicle. But not for car races...

So... the Colonel takes a break now to give you some time to handle Diaz. He will call you once he has more work for you.

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1) Samuel  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I don't know what happens but as soon as I get to the pink marker on Guardian angels mission Diaz will die and mission fail as they arrive on of the guys will knock him from behind....pls what should I do I need help

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