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As the Tank is sealed off from you just taking it you have to come up with a good plan to get it.
To steal the desired tank vehicle there are different paths:

Method # 1
Kill all enemies!!!

Haaaaard but doable. For the total GTA Psychos.

To do this you need a strong vehicle, like a jeep. With the jeep you ram into the one row of soldiers, now 3 marines are gone already.

Now turn around and mow down the 3 soldiers on the other side.

Once you got rid of these 6 marines you steal the Barracks 'Ol. These are these military vehicles with the 6 marines on each. These jump down once you steal the car and start firing at you. So run over them.

Do the same at the 2nd Barracks 'Ol.

Now there is only the annoying jeep left that wants to run you over all the rime. With good timing it is possible to steal this one too, but I'd recommend you'd rather just shoot it with your ruger or a rocketlauncher.

Now use the sniper gun to kill the last marine right inside the tank and the tank is yours.

Method # 2

For the impatient GTA Softie-Psychos.

Use a car to get over the bridge to the mainroad and park the car right on the main road into the way of the military parade. Now someone has to remove the car and right in this moment you get into the tank.

Method #3
Waiting and stealing the tank

boring but that's how it is supposed to be done. No thrills in this :(

You drive over the bridge to the second island. There you get to the Doughnut shop. The shop is to the south of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory. You know, the house with the tits on the roof. Just wait outside of the doughnut shop until the military comes along. This might take some time but they will come. Then someone will get into the shop to get some Doughnuts. Right in this moment you get into the tank and steal it.

Well THEN:

Then you drive the stolen tank into the garage. There is quite the happening happening as they try to stop you, but they forget you have the Rhino!


- If you want to get a Tank later on in the game, please read on under Tank in this walkthrough.

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