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Leisure Outfit at Gash! in the Northpoint Mall available.

Gonzales, the traitor has to be killed. And it your duty to do so. So drive to Gonzales.
Kill all and everybody that comes in your way and try to survive. He only has 2 guards. And Gonzales the swine manages to escape. So run after him und get him and finish him off. But now the cops are after you.
So grab a car really quick and drive to a Pay 'n Spray to get a unchased car and distract the cops.


- You don't actually have to slaughter them all with the chainsaw, you can use the shotgun for example. You can find the shotgun in the Ammu Nation shop or on the roof of the shopping mall in Ocean Beach.
So it is also easier to get rid of Gonzales in case he escapes.
- If you insist on using the chainsaw switch to the barehanded fist when he runs away as you will be running faster if you are not armed, run after him and then change back to the chainsaw, yummee!

-> Hint by alldead:
- there is a police bribe star on the grassy part between the building of the traitor and the pizza store.
(Annotation: If you pick up the star and your last wanted level star vanishes after some time you don't have to visit a Pay 'n Spray and the mission is over. This is rather a tutorial.)

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