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Umberto is pissed off with the Haitian again for whatever reason and now you have to piss them off again...

Use a car with a least 4 seats to drive to Cafe Robina and get the Cubans into your car. Now drive to the meeting point. Use the Ruger to get rid of the car until it goes up in flames and with the explosion also kills most of the Haitian. The rocketlauncher also does this pretty fast, but watch out that no Cubans run into your aim. There are 2 of them left still, so kill them with the sniper rifle or whatever you think fits. After a short cutscene you will need the sniper rifle again.
There is a sniper on the roof and you have to kill him. If you don't have a Sniper Rifle, there is one now on the ground ahead. With the normal sniper rifle it is easier as there is a help for you aiming attached, with the second variety of the sniper rifle with the laser aiming it is not that easy, you will have to aim with the horizontal ruler at the sniper and the vertical ruler on the arrow above his head. That should do the trick for the laser sniper rifle. And if you just wait some time the Cubans that are with you somehow manage to take the sniper on the roof out on their own.
After the sniper is gone you still have some more meters to make and still some guys are coming at you, and one of them is hidden around a corner just at the beginning to the left. Uzi or Shotgun are good weapons for this.
Now invade the house, kill lots of Haitians inside and then grab the truck and drive out really quick, before some Haitians come too close and drag you out of the car again. Then drive back to Cafe Robina. If needed pay a visit to a Pay 'n Spray that is really close or collect a Police Bribe star.


- You are not allowed to kill any Cubans while invading the house together with them.
- The van you escape with is not allowed to get destroyed or the mission is failed. That's why a visit to the Pay 'n Spray is a good idea.

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