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Drive to Rico. After the cutscene you should try to kill off the Haitians as fast as possible because they fight for their life and try to kill you instead of getting killed of course. The rocketlauncher is very useful for this. Once all of them are dead you are standing at the pier and still have to kill some more of them and even more you have to collect 3 suitcases. One is in the small house at the water channel, 2 are close to the house. Watch out for the guys shooting from everywhere, one of them is even standing on the chimney of the house! The guy to the left of the house has a shotgun, kill him from afar before stepping right in front of him and catching a load.
As soon as you picked up all 3 suitcases 2 more Haitians appear and blow up your boat that would have been a good escape route. And they start shooting at you, so kill these 2 guy too.
And now let's go back to Roberto in his nice and comfy Cafe Robina. It's good to take the Landstalker Jeep in the back garden of the house as this car can take some hits, and this is needed as the cops will now kick your 4 star wanted level ass.


- Get to your villa and hope for the Maverick heli on the roof. Sometimes there is one on the roof. If the heli is there kill all cops that are after you, otherwise you are busted faster than you can say Roberto. And then fly to Cafe Robina. And while you are at your villa you can also stock up your armor if you already collected more than 10 hidden packages.

That's it for now with the Cuban missions, now you have to finish all Auntie Poulet missions first before you can start the last and best Cuban mission. If you already did everything for Auntie Poulet you continue right away from here.

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