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Haitian missions (Auntie Poulet) available

After you drove through the first checkpoint the time starts ticking down from 3 minutes. If the display of the checkpoints left is in your way while doing the mission you should adjust the camera perspective before starting the mission, well, before you collect the first checkpoint.
Once there are only 12 checkpoints left you take the same way back. If you are still left with like 1:55 or even 1:20 on your clock at this point of the race you are doing good and you don't have to worry all that much.

Click the map below for a full size view of the map for the mission Stunt Boat Challenge:

Stunt Boat Challenge Map


- After the second ramp immediately the 3rd one appears. You need some practise for this but you will make it sooner or later! You don't have to be that fast on the third ramp as the checkpoint is very close to the ramp.

- With the button button you take your hands off the steering wheel and can beat up the Cuban coming with you. Every time you hit him you get the Good Citizen Bonus. Wait until your money stops counting up before hitting him again, you don't have to wait for the Good Citizen Bonus Message to disappear.

After this mission Auntie Poulet calls you, she is the contact of the Haitians and wants you to do the dirty work for her now.

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