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This is the last mission you get from Roberto. To be able to get it you first have to finish Auntie Poulet Haitians: Dirty lickins and of course all previous cuban missions.
Get to the mission with full health and armor. When started get a Voodoo from somewhere, you know, the jumping car of the Haitians, for example you can always find one parked in front of Auntie Poulet's hut. Drive it to your Amigos. Follow them and park where the marking is. Don't get out of your car while driving in!

Kill ALL of the Haitians there before planting a single bomb to make it very easy for you on this mission. Collect their weapons and get into the 2nd floor via the stairs. This is where you plant the first bomb. Now run down the stairs and right there on the left you plant the second bomb. Put the 3rd bomb close to the exit.
Now run out towards the gate you came in through. This gate is locked, so turn to the right before this and around the corner is a set of stairs that you should run up. Once you are up there exit to the left onto the roof. Easy money, funny money!

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