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There are a lot of glitches in GTA Vice City. A glitch is something like a bug, but not gamebreaking but you can exploit it to do other funny stuff with it. There are so many glitches in GTA that mean people tend to call the game Glitch Theft Auto sometimes. But besides that I will list some really great glitches for GTA Vice City here, probably not all known glitches as there are way too many. If you know a cool glitch write it into a comment or drop me a line.


0.00 at Dirt Ring

Grab a Sanchez (for example from the Trial by Dirt Mission) and drive to the Hyman Memorial Stadion with it. Drive the Sanchez through the open door through that you enter the Stadion event missions. Get down from the bike in there and the mission starts. Well, you should check that the next station event really is Dirt Ring ;).
Now you are inside and there 2 two motocross machines in there. Get onto the Sanchez that has no pink marker under it and collect all the pink checkpoints. Once you got them all get onto the other Sanchez, the real deal with the pink marker underneath it. Now the mission starts and you already collected all checkpoints. So you did the mission in 0.00 seconds and get a lot of money!

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Phnom Penh suicide

This is a funny glitch you can reproduce only at the start of the Ricardo Diaz: Phnom Penh 86 mission.
Drive a motorcycle to Diaz' villa and park the cycle in the pink marker. As soon as the cutscene starts press button. Once the scene is over you are still on your bike and not in the chopter, but you are talking to Lance. So drive somewhere from where you can see the helicopter above the house. Get out the rocket launcher and shoot the helicopter. After 3 hits it goes down and you die as you are in the helicopter. Great!

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Cars in Tommy's Villa

If you try to get into the Villa on Starfish Island with a car the car always disappears. If you still insist on driving around your mansion with a fast car or a bike (who wouldn't like to do that) then this is pretty easy to do:
Get a fast car, for example the Infernus in front of the mansion and drive halfway through the door. This makes it easier to aim. Now drive backwards down the stairs in front of the house and then speed up and drive full throttle towards the door. Just a moment before entering the door you jump out fo your car and there you go, the car drives into the mansion. You need a lot of speed for this glitch so it doesn't work with every car.

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More cars in a garage

This is pretty easy and works the same in GTAIII. Just park one car in the garage. When you come along with the next car, park it in front of the garage, get out, and get into the garage. Get in the car already in the garage and drive is halfway out so that it is halfway inside, halfway outside. Now the garage door won't close anymore. And this makes it easy to park the other car inside the garage and afterwards also park the first car inside again.
But be careful, a garage can not store more than 4 motorcycles. Every additional motorcycle will just disappear afterwards.
You can also use the garage as a cheap repair shop (cheaper than Pay 'n Spray) for your wrecked cars. Just drive a wrecked car into the garage, let the door close. If you get in the car afterwards it is all repaired.

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Hands up

Get the Katana, the Japanese sword. When pressing the action button to strike a blow while you are running Tommy holds his hand up. If you walk onto a pink marker to start a mission like that Tommy still holds his hand up like that. Even when you strike some more blows Tommy still holds his hand up like this.
Also when having the chainsaw selected when receiving the call for one of the assassination missions Tommy looks quite strange on the phone...

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Bike Morphing Glitch

You need a motorcycle for this glitch, preferably a PCJ600. Drive you motorcycle to a shop where you can change clothes. Park your bike directly on the marker for the clothes. Get off from the bike and get on it again so that you also change clothes at the same time. Now you are grown into your bike. You cannot fall off from the bike anymore now. To get out of this mutation press button.

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Drunk Glitch

This Glitch only works on the Last Missions: Keep your friends close mission, the very last mission.
Watch out there is a SPOILER ahead!

Some time into the mission you have to kill Lance on the roof of your mansion. After you killed him don't go back into the mansion to Sonny, but jump from the roof to normal ground. Blow up all the limos in front of your door. After they all are done grab the Infernus and drive to the western island. Now drive north or south, it doesn't really matter, but north works best. After some meters you map will disappear, this is interesting already. Now watch your surroundings while you speed along the road in a fast car. Everything becomes a blur and looks like you are drunk.

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Mysterious Ghostworld

You absolutely need a Golf Caddy for this Glitch. You find a lot of them on the Leaf Links island, but most of them are in the fenced in area, but sometimes there are golfers driving around outside of Leaf Links. Also you can drive out of the golf course via the ramp to the west of the club house. Or you search for the Caddy in the bushes around the lighthouse in the southeast of the first island, there is one hidden there. Once you have a Golf Caddy drive it to the Northpoint Mall.
I like to save my Caddy in the garage of the El Swanko Casa just because the Glitch is so cool and I sometimes want to activate it just for fun.
So, drive your Caddy to the NPM.
Maybe you noticed you can't drive into the Northpoint Mall with a normal car as you don't get it through the narrow door. But you can drive a motorcycle into the NPM, the game loads and you are inside and can drive around in here. But with the Caddy you can make it through the first open door of the NPM. That's cool, isn't it?
No?, well then drive on, you can now drive through the black wall at the back of the entrance area as these walls are non blocking. That's cool, isn't it?
Now you are inside this rather strange looking Northpoint Mall. Get out of your Caddy and take a look around, explore the ghostly escalators and so on. Then try to leave the Northpoint Mall. Suddenly you are inside the normal NPM and your Caddy is also still in here. Well, do you have an idea what great thing you could do now?
Right, get in the Caddy and leave the same way you came in.
You enter a really cool and strange ghost world where people are hovering through the air, cars do so too and you can see all the weapons and icons.
Have fun running into invisible walls :)

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1) Mr w  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Bei mir funktioniert das mit dirt ring nicht
2) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
auf welchem System spielt du Vice City?
Auf der PS2 klappt das zumindest...
3) TasosX1998  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Also i have found another funnny and both useful glitch in Vice City. I have tried this on Playstation2 i dont know if it works in the PC version. Take a car,any car you want, and activate the Flying Cars cheat. Now accelerate and while you are in air turn your car so the doors look to the ground and quickly exit the car. Your car will stay in the air totally still and you will be standing on it. Now you can shoot people and cops from up there! Just be careful not to fall down. Also if cops shoot and pop your tyres while you are in the air your car will then fall down. Small thing but funny.
4) DirJucktWohlDieKimme  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Wenn man im Hotelzimmer steht,Ocean View Hotel,ist neben dem Flammenwerfer eine Tür,ich muss anmerken ich spiele es auf dem Handy und nicht auf ner Konsole,naja zurück zur Tür. Man kann durch diese Tür die leute dadraußen abknallen, man hat zwar dann zwei sterne aber egal. Das ganze geht auch nur mit dem .304 Präzisionsgewehr.
5) Shounak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
The car named greenwood, most probably found in little Havana or little Haiti, is an amazing car. it doesn't get damaged, At least I didn't see it getting damaged while driving it.
6) Kacper Barwinski  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
7) locke  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Do you mean the Infernus, the Lamborghini remake? There are plenty of them around Vice City, especially on Starfish Island!

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