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Well, well, the hidden packages in GTA Vice City. You have to suffer a lot to find them all but once you found them you are well prepared for the game, so get into it...
And you earn $100 for every Package you find, and the last one, the 100th hidden package earns you $100,000. That's nice, isn't it?
And in case you came here via a searchengine of your choice because you are missing exactly one package and now you want to know which package you are missing, well, you will have to check through the whole list because nobody can and will know which package exactly you are missing. But Number 45 is always worth a try...
Sadly there is no cheat to magically suddenly have found all 100 hidden packages in Vice City. You have to get to all of the 100 hidden packages individually.

All the descriptions refer to buildings in this part of town the package is in, if not this will be noted especially. So let's get it on. I hope I manage to get the descriptions quite accurate...
If you can reach a package only by helicopter this is also mentioned. It can also be possible to reach the package without helicopter but it is a lot easier if you come there with the heli, and yes, this is also noted. Of course you can just grab a helicopter and collect all the packages in one go.
A helicopter can often be very helpful but also very deadly sometimes. But it is worth a try to get all packages in one go, because you just cannot reach some hidden packages without the helicopter. And when you first have to search for one then it can be very annoying. But if you are already flying around with one this is pretty handy. So what does this mean? Maybe that you should really try to get them all with the heli.

In case you are missing a single package and you didn't drop down into a hole yet then look for the Hidden Package 45 on Prawn Island. This is probably the best hidden package ever in GTA Vice City.

So what do you get for all the collected hidden packages? Here is the complete list, for every 10 collected hidden packages you get something delivered to your hideout(s).

10 Packages : Armor
20 Packages : Chainsaw
30 Packages : Colt Python
40 Packages : Flame Thrower
50 Packages : Sniper Rifle (Laser)
60 Packages : Minigun
70 Packages : Rocket Launcher
80 Packages : Sea Sparrow
90 Packages : Rhino
100 Packages : Hunter + $ 100.000

All up to the Sea Sparrow are weapons that can be found at the Ocean View Hotel, the Vercetti Estate and the Hyman Condo. The Sea Sparrow Helicopter only appears on the helipad behind your Villa on Starfish Island. The Rhino is a nice tank and the hunter is an Apache War Helicopter, both only appear within the Army Base on the second island. It is said that the Hunter sometimes appears on the helipad on the southend of the first island, but I've never found it there.
As you can see you get a lot of good weapons and other things to make life easier for you in Vice City when you find a lot of the hidden packages. So I advise you to collect all 100 hidden package before even starting a single mission, and then save this on a special save file so that whenever you want to play through Vice City again you already have the 100 hidden packages on a save file. I also like to save the R3 Missions on the same save file once I'm done with them for the exact same reason. But to do this you have to find a way to access the 2nd island at the beginning of Vice City already!

Ocean Beach

Well, let's start where the game also starts, in Ocean Beach...
Hidden Package 1

On the beach at the southwestern end of the island is a lighthouse. The package is on the stairs in leading up the lighthouse.

Hidden Package 2

The fountain well on the southern end has a house to the south of it. On the backside of the house is a small set of stairs with a door, to the left of this is the package.

Hidden Package 3

From the fountain well to the southwest there is a rock formation in the water. You cannot see the package from the mainland. So get a boat from the pier and drive there. It is on the rocks.
You can reach this rock formation island with the helicopter, but in 95% the heli is starts sliding down the surface and finally sinks or blows up as soon as you leave it and you are trapped on that island. The only possible heli parking space is to the southwest of the package, also inside the puddle between the package rock and the southern highrising rock. But this is only for helicopter parking pros.

Hidden Package 4
Helicopter required
or boat

Even farther to the southwest there are 3 fishing huts in the open sea. The one farthest away and most destroyed has hidden package 4. There is also a rampage here.

Hidden Package 5

On the pier (on the other side of the meeting point for Colonel Cortez) is a underground car park. In the far left edge you will find the package.

Hidden Package 6

To the south of the hospital are 2 white buildings. behind the 2nd one seen from the hospital the package is located.

Hidden Package 7

Under the bridge to the 2nd island. Enter from the north via the grass area, there is a path under the bridge which lead directly to the package.

Hidden Package 8
Helicopter useful

To the east of the shopping mall there is a building with the package on the roof. Just do the UNIQUE STUNT 29 and get to the right (south) from the roof you land on. Use the ramp here or use a helicopter.

Hidden Package 9

To the east of the shopping mall is a building with a round GGs Open with scissors. Follow this sign around the corner. You will see a red white red building and to the right of it a really high bright red hotel. It is in the pool of the hotel right next to an armor.

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Washington Beach

Hidden Package 10

Behind the buyable asset building 1102 Washington Street, on the other side of Ken's office.

Hidden Package 11

From the UNIQUE STUNT 26 (the 2nd ramp made from stairs in the alley behind the Ocean View) you land on a roof. In the southwestern corner of this roof the package can be found.

Hidden Package 12
Helicopter needed

To the south of the police station is a blue white striped huge building. Land a heli on the roof and search.

Hidden Package 13

On the southern end of the bridge from PACKAGE 11 to the Tool-Shop. When coming from package 11 it's on the right side close to the water.

Hidden Package 14

Drive straight towards the beach from the police station and keep driving straight. If you keep straight you should land at the hut with the package on it.
If not search all the huts around here. Maybe to the north...

Hidden Package 15

To the west of the Tool-Shop is a hotel complex with a flat part of the building in the middle. In the southeastern part of this you can find the package hidden in a corner.

Hidden Package 16

In the same hotel building complex as Package 15. Inside the shower cabins on the northwestern edge. You can find it in the orange colored shower boxes.

Hidden Package 17

Under the bridge to starfish island. But still on the Washington Beach side.

Hidden Package 18

On the 2nd floor of the police station in an office. In the Malibu Club: No Escape? mission you pick up the keycard right next to it. As you are not allow to draw a gun in here and as you are also not very welcome at all inside the police station, this is one of the hardest packages to get. It is easier if you are already here on a mission, like in the already mentioned mission or you are wearing the police outfit, that you get after the Vercetti Estate: Cop Land mission.

Hidden Package 19

Behind the SpandEX building. These are to the east from the meeting point with Avery Carrington. You have to start a fight in the Ken Rosenberg: Riot mission there.

Hidden Package 20

There is an unfinished building close to Avery's meeting point. Walk along the steel beam showing to the southwest all the way to the end. The beam leading to the north is used for the STUNT 20.

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Vice Point

Hidden Package 21

To the west of Avery's construction site is a row of houses. On the backside is a path leading in to the water. The package is on it.

Hidden Package 22
Helicopter needed

On the roof of the building to the southeast of the Malibu Club. There is a pool on the roof. Look in the southwestern corner of the roof.

Hidden Package 23

Behind the Malibu Club on the northeast side. Nothing more to say on that one...

Hidden Package 24
Helicopter needed

On the roof (with pool) to the north of the Malibu Club in the southeastern corner. The house is part of the InterGlobal Films Inc.: Marthas Mug Shot mission (Candy and Alex are having fun in the pool there) and you can just land inside the pool.

Hidden Package 25

Inside the Pizza Restaurant.

Hidden Package 26

Behind the southern stairs of the white building to the east to northeast of the Pizza Restaurant. On the southside, the streetside.

Hidden Package 27

Behind the WL Chariot Hotel / Vice Point Langer Hotel (to the east of Package 24), in the corner on the side of the pool.

Hidden Package 28

Behind the counter of the jeweler.
See also: Robbing shops

Hidden Package 29

At Mercedes' house (coming from Leaf Links the first one on the left) get up the first ramp, via the second one to the pool and the left at the emergency exit.

Hidden Package 30

Walk along the way over the roof that you run along in the Ricardo Diaz: The Chase mission until you are on the second roof. There is is hidden.

Hidden Package 31

At the end of the roofs you run along for the Ricardo Diaz: The Chase mission and where you can also find the Hidden Package 30 there is a pink house. On the other side, behind the house seen from the streets, behind the fence the package hides.
It is still inside the garden inside the building complex with the many fences and the police bribe star. Very to the north of this.

Hidden Package 32

At the hotel with pool at the very sharp coast road walk up the stairs and right at the very sharp turn you will find the package. But still inside the Hotel area.

Hidden Package 33

On the highest diving board of the hotel at the sharp turn.

Hidden Package 34

At the southern end of the concrete post of the bridge to Prawn Island. Search at the end of a walkway.

Hidden Package 35

On the beach. Search for the RC Bandit Race. In the map you got with the game it is also shown. It is hidden behind the sign with Jocksport on it in the northeast of the track.

Hidden Package 36

To the east of the North-Point-Mall are 2 buildings. On the eastern side of the northern building is the package.

Hidden Package 37

The North-Point-Mall has two entrances to the north. Right inbetween these 2 entrance is package numero 37.

Hidden Package 38

Inside the North-Point-Mall on the 2nd floor, the upper floor in the middle of the east. In front of a shop where there are a lot of Sale signs inside the window and one of these octagonal seats is placed.

Hidden Package 39

Just like package 38 in the upper floor of the NPSM, and this time on the south side, inside the clothes store The GASH! over the western escalator inside.

Hidden Package 40

This package is in the parking lot to the west of the North-Point-Mall. And it is right on the level you enter turn right around the corner after enterin from the streets. Isn't this nice.

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Prawn Island

This is just a tiny small island but there are quite some packages hidden here. And to find them all you just have to read on :)
Hidden Package 41

In the part of the houses that is cut off from the road to the east of the movie studio. There it is in the southern blind alley that you can enter from the east. And it's really an alley, no road.

Hidden Package 42
Helicopter needed

Next to the Studio D is a blue building. Right on top of it. Use a helicopter to land here. This is easier than jumping up there via one of these trucks with ramps on their back and stop right there.

Hidden Package 43

Inside the northeastern storage buildings on the northeastern edge of the area of the film studio. In the dark on the left side behind the door.

Hidden Package 44

In the northern part of the island. On the veranda of the western house.

Hidden Package 45

And again in the northern part of Prawn Island. This package is probably the best hidden, hardest to find package in GTA Vice City.
In the northern part of Prawn Island you enter the eastern house. You also enter here in the Ricardo Diaz: Phnom Penh 86 mission and kill some guys. So if you enter this house now through the door you can see a crashed and crumbled balcony to your right and a hole in the wall. Now walk up the stairs to the second floor (1st floor in america) and from there SLOWLY drop over the edge of the balcony into the hole. For me it worked best to walk there coming straight from the north and staying as far left as possible. Or from the back end of the 3rd white floor tile, almost standing on the 4th tile jumping straight on south while putting the stick to backwards movement.
You will probably land on the broken wall, so turn around and jump into the hole. Fear not, there some palettes in there helping you out again, and also and more important, there is the hidden package.

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Leaf Links

On the Leaf Links Golfcourse all hidden packages are not accessible from the road, and when you enter the area you have to deposit all your weapons at the entrance.
To not be unarmed just beat up a golfplayer and your fist are also still there.
If you beat up a golfplayer the paramedic van will come towards the scene after some time and you can steal it. I don't want to know how he made it through the barricades, but who cares, you now have something to drive and don't have to walk everything. Well, it is not the best car (actually, it is the worst), but no one forces you to do it this way, SO DO IT NOW!
Hidden Package 46

Under the bridge leading from the Leaf Links Golfcourse island to Vice Point. Not accessible from the road.

Hidden Package 47

Well, this is hard to describe, I'll do my best.
Separate the northern part of Leaf Links into a western and an eastern part. We are now talking about the eastern part. In this eastern part of the northern part you get to the very west. Alright? There is the practice shooting range, all the way in the north there is the hidden package.

Hidden Package 48

To the northwest of the main- and entrance building a S-shaped road crawls up the hill. Look for the package in a sand bunker at the very end of the S-shaped road.

Hidden Package 49

Now please enter the southern part of the Leaf Links island.
Right in the middle of the big island is a pond. There is a small island in the pond. And right on this island is the object of your desire.

Hidden Package 50

On the small and narrow bridge connecting the two southern islands of the Leaf Links Golfcourse.

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Starfish Island

Hidden Package 51

Next to Diaz' or your house, all in the east of the area, at the stairs leading into the water.

Hidden Package 52

In a small and narrow alley between the westend of your property and the neighboring property. Really at the end of the alley, almost in the water.

Hidden Package 53

In the western property of the the houses in the middle of Starfish island. Who lives there? When I'm living on such a small island I want to live at the water! Not even the Rockstar symbol in the pool sells it for me. Well, the package is up the stairs at the backdoor of the house with the Rockstar symbol in the pool.

Hidden Package 54

In the whirlpool of the eastern house of the 2 houses in the middle of the island. The house with the basketball baskets.
And package number 55 is also really close.

Hidden Package 55

In front of the front door of the house in the northeast of Starfish Island. The house has a purple roof and package 54 is also really close.

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Hidden Package 56

At the eastern waterside, close to the water, above, well, northern to the bridge coming from Prawn island. Here it is hidden in a small alcove in the wall of the white house.

Hidden Package 57

On the sculpture of modern art inside the V.A.J Finance building.
You pick up Candy Suxxx here in the first InterGlobal Films Inc. mission.

Hidden Package 58

In front of the Hyman Condo a wild path passes. Follow it to the east and you will reach Mars Cafe. Behind the Mars Cafe is the package. You can reach it easier from the Hyman Condo than from in front of the Mars Cafe.

Hidden Package 59

On a parking space in the northwest of the Hyman Memorial Stadium. That's about it.

Hidden Package 60

In the lowest level of the parking house of the hospital in DOWNTOWN.
The Hospital is called Schuman Health Care Center. Ask a passenger for the way or beat him up or shoot him in the head.
Or let him beat you up instead, if you go KO you will wake up in the hospital if all this happens in downtown.

Hidden Package 61
Helicopter helpful

When coming over the bridge from downtown you see a huge house to the right. This is the News tower of Vice City.
Get out of your car and search for an open door to the north of the bridge but still close to the road. Enter it and you will reappear on the roof. If you are lucky you can even find the heli of the news agency. And there is a helipad on the roof. And between the helipad and the door, on an alcove the package is hidden.
You can also get here with a helicopter, but this is not necessary.

Hidden Package 62

Inside the office building you enter for the InterGlobal Films Inc.: G Spotlight mission to reach the elevator. It is behind a desk to the right of the elevator.

Hidden Package 63

Behind the Moist Palms Hotel, almost in Little Haiti already, behind the parking lot in the farthest corner next to a ramp with Hi Press Gas Hot Steam written on it.

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Little Haiti

Hidden Package 64

Behind Phil Cassidy's junkyard in the northwestern corner of the waterside really close to the water.

Hidden Package 65

Inside the hut in the northeast of Phil Cassidy's junkyard.

Hidden Package 66

Behind the house 2 houses to the north of Kaufman Cabs some stairs lead up. At the end of the stairs the package is waiting for you.

Hidden Package 67
Helicopter helpful

Coming over the bridge from Leaf Links follow the road along the long 180 turn. Once the road faces away from Leaf Links there is a small side road to the left. On this corner you can find the building with the hidden package 67 on the roof. You can get there without a helicopter but of course it is easier with one.

Hidden Package 68

To the east of Kaufman Cabs are a lot of wrecked houses. On the stairs of the house closest to Kaufmann Cabs is the package.

Hidden Package 69

On the graveyard. The graveyard is like a backyard behind the Funeraria Romero to the south of the Pizza Restaurant. This is where the people meet that later throw explosive corpses at you in the Avery Carrington: Two Bit Hit mission.

Hidden Package 70

Drive the road to the south of Print Works all the way to the western end. Continue north here. The road turns to the right, to the east in a longer turn. On the roof of one of the buildings to the southeast of the turn in the package, somewhere between generators and air conditioning vents.

Hidden Package 71

To the east of the Print Works is a property with a wooden fence. After that the road goes all the way to the north (and also to the east, but that doesn't matter). Search inside the fenced in area. On the outside there is an advertisement with Life is a Bitch written on it.

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Little Havana

Hidden Package 72

Inside the Laundromat. This is a shop you can rob, check the link.
From the Print Works take the road to the west, then left, right and enter the shop with Laundromat written on it.
PACKAGE 73 is also close by.

Hidden Package 73

On the other side of the road of the LAUNDROMAT. Look for direction for the laundromat under PACKAGE 72. It is on the entrance of a house with FOR SALE written on it.

Hidden Package 74

To the north of Cafe Robina, the meeting point of the Cubans, a road to the north goes away from the road. Here you enter an alley to the north and branch off to the east and enter a fenced in area.

Hidden Package 75

Follow the road to the east from Cafe Robina, and at the place where another road leads to the north there is a huge billboard advertising Kaufmann Cabs.
The package is on the billboard. You reach it via all the backyards behind the billboard and get up the stairs there. Use the sniper rifle to view the package from the ground, it is located at the left end, farthest from the closest building.

Hidden Package 76

Behind the counter of the Doughnutshop. This one is to the south of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory.
You can also rob the doughnut shop, check the link.

Hidden Package 77
HeliCopter helpful

Drive to the west from the Doughnutshop. You come to a fork to the left and right behind it another turn to the right. At the corner of the fork to the left is a house with package 77 on the roof. Close to it you can find Rampage #29.

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Vice Port

Hidden Package 78

Inside the Sunshine Autos house on the first floor (2nd in america) close to the window next to the Sandking... if you have it already.

Hidden Package 79

On the other side of the road from Sunshine Autos are two huge reservoir tanks. They are connected by some pipes. Under one of these pipes you can find the package.

Hidden Package 80

In the fenced in area with the huge tanks (from package 79) in the southwestern corner between two trailers.

Hidden Package 81

From the bridge from Washington Beach to the south you pass by a lot of green white striped houses on the right side.
Even before you enter into the port area with the barrier. It's on the parking place in front of the 6th house from the north.

Hidden Package 82

On the eastern freight ship. On the eastside of the ship, quite in the middle of southern part of the length.

Hidden Package 83

Close to the road right in the port area is a house with a sign with Vice City Port Authority on it. Behind the sign you can find the package.

Hidden Package 84
Helicopter needed

On the southwestern freight ship. You need the helicopter to get on here. The package is in the northern westpart of the ship.

Hidden Package 85

Drive the road to the south from Sunshine Autos and then towards the airport. But don't turn north to the terminals but turn left before towards the south and then drive until you are at the water. To your left (east) is a huge hall. Inside a small office like separate room inside this hall is the package.
From here you can easily access Package 87!

Hidden Package 86

Search for 8-Ball's bombshop. It is at the edge of the area where the many taxis attack you on the Kaufman Cabs: Cabmageddon mission, and in the northwestern corner is also the package.

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Escobar International Airport

Hidden Package 87
Helicopter helpful

On the roof of the building on the other side of the hall from Package 85. At the southeastern end of the airport area.

Hidden Package 88

Directly on the southernmost Helipad.

Hidden Package 89

On the northeastern end of the runway that is going across the two parallel runways. At the 2nd hangar hall southwest from the end of the runway. But on the side facing the runway. You can easily reach it with a jump from one of these concrete blocks.

Hidden Package 90
Helicopter helpful

On the eastern gangway. On the southernmost tip.

Hidden Package 91

Right in the southwest there is an airplane parked at the western gangway. Right on top of the plane is the package. And Package number 92 is also really close, it's right below it.

Hidden Package 92

Right in the southwest there is an airplane parked at the western gangway. Right under the plane is the package. And Package number 91 is also really close, it's right on top of it.

Hidden Package 93

To the west of Package Number 92 is a hanger with a plane in it. Under the northern one of the plane's big wings you can find the package.

Hidden Package 94

In the northwestern corner of the maneuvering area is a firefighter station with a red antenna on the roof. Behind this building you will find what you are looking for.

Hidden Package 95

Inside the airport. In the southwestern corner behind a wall in front of the windows.

Hidden Package 96
Helicopter helpful

On the roof of the airport building. Fly here with heli or surf up via the Unique stunt 10. The package is in the western dent of the roof.

Hidden Package 97

Inside the airport building. On the first floor (2nd in america) at the eastern gangway. This time from the inside. Above the gangway there is GATE 8-1 written.

Hidden Package 98

In the direction towards Little Havana there are a lot of advertisement billboards. Behind one of them in the northwest you will find number 98.

Hidden Package 99

To the north of the airport building is yet another maneuvering area with a turn in the runway. On the western end of the runway is a plane and under the wing of the plane is the package.

Hidden Package 100

Behind the sign Air Reserve Fort Baxter Air Base. Fort Baxter is in the north of the airport area.
Attention, if you are not wearing a police uniform at the moment the military will shoot at you, so better wear one or come here with full health and armor... seriously, these soldiers are not your friends! Most of the time. Especially when you land a helicopter in front of the base, if you land far away and go there by foot they like you most of the time, well, who understands them anyways.


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