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This mission has one of the best opening cutscene ever.
Harrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Well, anyways, watch Candy with the Sparrow. Fly after her until she arrives. Get into the hotel and take the pictures. But then you are discovered. By Candy! Stupid bitch! Because of her you now have a 5 star wanted level and have to take care to get out of the hotel alive. Don't run, but walk down the stairs. Once someone demands, that you give him the camera, watch out, right below you are 2 heavily armed goons that want to kill you. Shoot them or throw some grenades at them. There are 3 waves of 2 guys each.
Once you are outside you can fly back or drive back.
In case you are flying, fly in a loop and approach the movie studio from the southwest as there is the FBI in front of the movie studio waiting for you and shooting at you.
If you drive, drive to a Pay 'n Spray pretty fast and get a new paintjob. And watch out, the FBI is still waiting for you outside of the Movie Studio even through you don't have a wanted level anymore. So just crash through the barricades.


- on the rooftop where Candy is in the pool you can also find the HIDDEN PACKAGE 24.
- Follow Candy to the Limo, snipe the driver and get in. Now you first have to take a ride through town, but as soon as Candy got out you can drive the golden stretch limo around and park it in a garage (Sunshine Autos and the Hyman Condo are good for this) and keep it and then even come back and finish the mission (killing Candy and restarting is far easier). The golden stretch limo can only be found in this mission.

by alldead:
- I just flew to the roof of the smaller red building on the other side of the road and took the pictures there. You don't have to be on the marker to take the pictures. The roof is strange but very usable with invisible walkable areas. Then you can just fly back from there and won't have to worry about the 5 star wanted level. :)

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