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* Kaufman Cabs generates money after the mission is passed.
* Zebracab available at Kaufman Cabs

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a mysterious call comes in in the taxi center telling you that Mercedes Cortez wants you to pick her up from the port. But as soon as you are there a real taxi inferno comes over you. So keep you cool and drive away from the others. Just keep driving in circles. And you can't even escape as the gate closes. But you can drive into the corner at the gate so the other Taxis come at you, but they circle you and can't ram into you anymore at all. Then wait a minute and the other Taxis disappear and the big boss of all taxidrivers in Vice City appears, the Boss of Vice City Cabs in his bossy Zebra Taxi.
You can shoot him or ram him, or you get out of your car and dodge his attack and then drag him out of his cab so you can run him over.


- You can shoot the Zebra Cab with the rocket launcher. This is short and painless.
- Before entering the area you can get a bomb build into your car by 8-ball. Then bomb away all the other Taxis. But then you are rather defenseless in front of the Zebra Cab, but this should be doable.
- You should find a new and totally scratchless Cab before entering the yard to last longer. There are a lot of them in the Port area.
- You earn more money on the Taxi Missions if you drive with the Zebra Cab.
- If you steal a Kaufmans Cab now you don't hear radio but commands from taxi central voice by Deborah Harry, aka Blondie.

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