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Ken sends you to the CLUB MALIBU to meet KENT PAUL there. Drive there and "talk" to him. He just sends you on to another guy, a cook. Yes, cook, not cock!
Kill him and take his mobile phone with you. Now a guy with a clean suit and an even cleaner slate appears, Lance, Lance Vance. Follow him around the corner and get into his car. Drive to the AMMU-NATION shop and then back to the hotel. That's it for this mission.

- Kill all chefs that come at you after Lance appears. As many as possible as fast as possible if possible, otherwise they can get very annoying!
- If you got a wanted level because of that just run after Lance, get into his car and take the first alley to the right. Immediately turn right again and there is a police bribe star that lowers your wanted level.

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