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*Avery Carrington and Colonel Cortez as contacts available
*Overall available at Tooled Up @ North Point Mall

To not be that suspicious you have to changes clothes again for this mission. I think you can do this and know what to do.
Drive to the location on your radar, get out of the car, run around the people and punch them while you keep on running.
The door opens up and the security guys come out and you are now honored with the nice job of wrecking the 3 trucks in there. You can do this by shooting the red barrels and as they explode they set the trucks on fire. Or you hammer on them with your hammer or shoot on them until they go up in flames. In case you wasted your last ammunition on the red barrels and the trucks are still working you can also get into one of the trucks, drive it outside of the yard and drive it against some walls until it goes up in flames. Then get back and grab the next one, the gate stays open.

That's it for Ken for now. No more jobs from him, but Vice City has a whole lot more gangster bosses that want you to work for them. So let's find the next bad guy to work for.

- Just go crazy and kill them all in here. Don't care about your wanted level, as soon as the mission is over you wanted level will be gone.
- Behind the walled in houses you can find HIDDEN PACKAGE 19.

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