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All missions by Kent Paul

1) Death Row

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And now we are on a Death Row mission in GTA Vice City.
Before driving to the Malibu Club to meet Kent Paul go and find a big and massive car, like a jeep. And of course you have full health and armor before starting the mission. Because as soon as you start the mission a timer will count down and you don't have the time to search for a fitting car once you started the mission.
So drive with your heavy car to the Malibu Club and park it facing to the west, yes, towards the river in the middle of the island. Then meet up with Kent Paul. He tells you that Lance is held captive on the junk yard.

Finally it starts. Luckily we park headed west, so drive over the lawn behind the Malibu Club and via the fastest road towards the Leaf Links Golf Club. Past the Leaf Links island once you are on the second island of Vice City change the lane to the wrong lane and do the wrong way driver right after the bridge. Take the sharp 90 turn to the left, right after it turn right twice and the next one left again. This should be the fastest way to the junk yard.

You can see the car blocking the entry to the junk yard from afar. Now you can either just ram into the barricading car and try to run over as many enemies as possible or you get out and shoot at the 2 guys standing next to the car from a distance. In case you try to ram into the barricades select your weapon of choice before getting in as you might get pulled out of your car and it is very handy to have to weapon already selected then. If you want to shoot the first two guys though it is best to snipe them or shoot like crazy at them with the Ruger. You might hit them or even make the car next to them explode and kill them this way. Also the rocket launcher makes the car explode really fast in case you have it at hand.
Now you have to get in one way or the other, so select your weapon of choice and drive in, run over as many enemies as possible. After some time even the best car will go up in flames, so get out before you explode with the car. Then fight your way through the hordes of enemies. It is best to use a light weapon for this so that you can run a lot, the Uzi or the Colt Python for example.

All enemies except 4 should be comming running at you anyways, so kill them all. There are only 3 guys guarding Lance left, and the one annoying guy with the Ruger on top of the yellow digger. Try to avoid standing in his field of vision where he can shoot you. Close to the digger is one of the places where he can't hit you. And from there you have a good shot at the 3 guys guarding Lance. After you killed them, but before you get to Lance take care of the guy on the yellow digger or else he might just shoot Lance on your soon to follow escape. Then rush to Lance.
Get with him into the Sentinel or the Trashmaster and head for the hospital in Downtown. I recommend the Trashmaster for you.
The bad guys will come after you now and ram you. The Trashmaster is quite sturdy and robust and can take much more than the Sentinel. It is slower and so the ride takes longer but at least you reach your destination. So in the end it is also faster as you won't have to replay the mission ;).
In the worst case the game has some hickups and the trashmaster just disappears after the cutscene where you rescue Lance, so you only have the Sentinel next to the hut left. But it is possible to reach the hospital with the Sentinel as there are only 3 guys in Comets (fast cars) after you and after some time you just drive away from them without them catching up. But the Sentinel doesn't take so much damage so it is better to stand on the very last steps inside the scrapyard and wait for a massive and sturdy car pass by and grab it. Don't step out onto the streets too fast or the Comets will appear.


- I know there are a lot of the bad guys so run over as much of them as possible.
- Yes, use the Trashmaster!
- a rocket launcher is also useful here.
- or get in there with the Rhino Tank (if you have it)
- the bulletproof Admiral is also very very helpful here, but it could happen that it just disappears forever after the cutscene where you untie Lance.

And all this for free...
But the next mission is waiting for you in Diaz' house, Ricardo Diaz: Rub Out.
The Colonel also calls after this mission, and offers you his last mission, maybe you want to play Colonel Cortez: All hands on deck first.

All missions by Kent Paul

1) Death Row

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