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What do you have to do to make the mission Cap the Collector appear and available? Just read on:
After you completed all the Vercetti Mansion missions and at least 5 of the properties are in your possession and generate money (which mean, you have to have completed all missions for these asset properties) and you made it through all printworks missions and you completed all missions that are under the sidemissions label in this walkthrough (except for Phil Cassidy, he is not needed) you get a call from Ken Rosenberg. Now you can play the mission Cap the Collector.

You are told to come to the printworks. So do this. The owner was beat up by an old friend. And now the mafia is here and wants protection money from YOU! This is too much! The mafia guys are traveling with Sanchez Bikes and start to demand their cash in the south of the second island. So as soon as you enter the harbor area they start there. Drive to Sunshine Autos and wait for them there, as this is the next stop they will make. Just kill the two guys on the Sanchez bikes and wait for two more mafia guys on bikes. Kill them too and this mission is passed already.


- If the money icon is still there, where the mafia guys were just collecting money but you just killed them before they could finish just wait there, the next two guys will appear right there.

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