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You start this mission in the Vercetti Estate.

Get to the stairs and stay at the top. Some mean guys come running in trying to kill you. Avoid getting killed by killing them first. After some time (10-15 kills) Lance comes by. Shoot at him or run towards him. The scared pig runs away and onto the roof!
Make sure you have full health and Armor and only like that get out on the roof. Just don't care about what the game tells you, it is just money... kill all the guys around Lance and then Lance himself. In case your health dropped too low get back into the basement and load up on health. Then get to the safe.
There your old friend Sonny Forelli appears and wants to kill you. So kill him to make this story end.


- When you enter the roof to kill Lance go slow as there are sometimes armed guys in the corridor between and you cannot kill them if you run through there too fast. This corridor is skipped with a loading time, so in case someone IS standing there he will now shoot you in the back which is very annoying. So kill him before entering the roof.
- On the roof, when coming out of the door, there are 2 guys on the left and an adrenaline pill.
- Forget the money the mafia steals from you, these are just peanuts, you'll get $30,000 for this mission.
- Once Sonny appears don't go to him directly but take the long way via the staircase.

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