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Bikergang Missions available

Use a fast car or a motorcycle to get to the said dealer to get the ingredients for the Love Juice. The dealer wants to run so forget the dealer, go get the stuff. That's the reason why you should bring a fast car. Now Kent Paul calls you and wants some ladies for the boys (but no ladyboys!).
So drive to Mercedes and get her. From now on you have 1:30 minutes of time to get back to the Love Fist Studio. But you still have you fast car. The route via the Leaf Links Island seems a bit longer in distance but there are no to almost no cars on the bridge there so this makes this route faster than via Prawn Island.


- Get your car repaired after chasing the dealer or get a new fast car.

-> Hint by alldead:
- I use a helicopter to fly to Mercedes. No problem with the 1:30 there :)

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