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For your big coup you need a beagle boy first. Sadly he is imprisoned and waits for his deportation. So drive to the police station in Washington Beach and park your car so that you can easily escape to the Pay 'n Spray.
Now enter the police station and dress in a police uniform in the dressing room. The dressing room is to the left just when you enter the Police Station in Washington Beach and you originally unlock the Police Uniform in the Vercetti Estate: Cop Land mission already. And don't even think about entering the police station while you still actively have a gun drawn. This will end bad! After changing clothes though you can run around with whatever gun you want. And you shouldn't enter the backrooms of the policestation without the uniform on or you are faced with 4 stars pretty fast.
Now get up to the 2nd floor and pick up the keycard.
After that get to Cam Jones in the basement and open the door for him. You now have a wanted level of 4 and have to escape from the police station and then bring Cam home. Get out of here quick, there is one cop at the desk up the stairs, another one coming down the next stairs and there are 3 at the entrance counter and lots of cops coming from the black doors behind you, so you better get out and get rid of some of the cops out here. You can get into a car and wait for Cam as these cops are programmed to not bust you as soon as you enter a car. But if you shoot enough cops out here you'll get your 5th star.
So jump into a car and get to a Pay 'n Spray really fast. After this it is easy. But getting there is interesting so you either park a really fast car or a massive car like the Rancher Jeep in front of the police station before even entering. You have to find out for yourself what kind of car better fits you for this situation, you will get chased and probably rammed a lot (if you are fast enough they won't hit you, but it is very hard not to get rammed).


- Right next to the keycard you can find HIDDEN PACKAGE 18
- Cam lives in Little Havana, not in the Malibu Club!
- But there is a star that gets rid of one star of your wanted level a few meters to the north of the Malibu and further up the road is another Pay 'n Spray.

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1) konye  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
simple fly a chopter to the front of the nearest pay and spray land it, steal a car n drive it to the entrance but dnt park it get into s choper fly to d poloce not enter with a gun..b unamed so there wunt shoot at u, in d first room there is another door that leads to the police changing room..u'll see a police iniform wear go n free the man..shoot ur way out to the choper n fly to d pay n spray come out of d chper.get into d car ubparked at the entrance n drive into pay n spray

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