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The Driver - Map Just like in every good gangster film you need a driver. But the driver for the Malibu Club mission is only willing to drive for you if you beat him on a road race. The mean thing is that Hillary drives a Sabre Turbo and you only drive a crappy Sentinel. Have fun! And to make it even better, after the first turn the police is on your tail as they figured illegal street races are indeed illegal.

And so now you want to know how to beat Hillary in the driver mission. This mission is really hard indeed, to complete the mission and win the race with Hillary nonetheless you should not drive fair as the situation is unfair to start with. Just drive the course once, no matter if in 1st or 2nd position, just to get used to its turns (you WILL drive it more than once anyways, so this is no loss for you.)
After you got used to the course it gets really dirty. At the first turn (at the police station in Washington Beach, where the cops appear) try to drive into the back of your opponent in such a way that he gets turned 180 but you still grab the checkpoint. Now Hillary first has to turn around what takes him a lot of time while you drive off with full speed. Your advantage should be enough, but please don't crash into anything now. Watch out for police cars that appear behind the highest points of bridges. Take the bribe star at the pizza restaurant with you to be sure and then win the race against Hillary. The bribe star can turn out to be important, I once was closed in by police shortly before the finish line and it took me more than 10 seconds to get away from them and then I couldn't get enough speed fast enough and Hillary still won...

To illustrate what this means there is a map of the course above this text here with orange markings of the area where it is best to ram Hillary.

I found someone on the internet wrote that he took one of the trucks with a ramp on the back and put it into the course so that the Sabre got thrown out of course and this way he got an advantage. I tried it and the Truck either disappeared or Hillary just avoided it.
Another idea is to change your car. So if a Cheetah crosses your way do what you please, but in my opinion and experience this takes too long. I never won with changing cars. But if you already completed the 4th list from Sunshine Autos you can park the Hotring Racer somewhere near, switch cars and drive with the Hotring Racer. The Hotring Racer has not the best handling but the very best top speed.

The ramming technique and a bit more is also explained in this YouTube video. The image quality is rather bad, but you will see what it wants to show you. (The mission starts at 1:35, the technique starts at 1:47.)

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1) Aph3x  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
This driver is nuts!
But I made it by ramming him like you said
2) zasheer  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Use this Cheat "COME FLY WITH ME" . It will fly Hilary's car away and mislead him. Then pick up a motorcycle and finish the mission. Cheers!

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