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Now you got your crew together for your big coup, you are now doing a bank job.
Make sure you have enough health and armor before entering the bank (at least 125 health (hooker...), 100 armor).
El Banco Corrupto Grande - Entrance + Parking -  Map
Enter the taxi and drive to the other island and park in front of the bank you are going to rob now. The bank is called El Banco Corrupto Grande. Cross the road and make sure noone from your crew gets run over.
Inside the bank you walk up the stairs to the first desk and 2 guards will appear. Kill them with a good aimed shot from a Colt Python or a shotgun. Turn around and climb another set of stairs. Watch out, as soon as you step through the door they start shooting at you. Kill the guard and continue. In the opening in the wall is another guard. Now enter the elevator.
Down there is another guard waiting for you.
Now Cam tries to crack open the safe. But he need the bank manager for this. Get the manager, to do this take the elevator up again, and get back there, where the first guards appeared and a bit farther. Take him to the safe.
Now get out to Phil. If you need it, load up your health, there is a heart icon and an armor inside the bank. Now there is a swat team coming in as a surprise.
Kill them all.
Load up your health with the remaining icons and then get out. Your car is parked outside. If you have a Ruger at hand set the Swat Team Trucks on fire. And then rush to a Pay 'n Spray. After that get to Cam and split your shares.


- If your health is looking good when you are coming up from the safe don't refresh just yet and waste the icons. You'll need them sooner or later more.
- Cool and easy: If it takes too long until all the guys are in your escape car kill Cam (and by no way Phil). You will recognize him by being bald.
- The Cops in front of the bank are annoying? Take a rocket launcher with you and shoot at the SWAT trucks. There is a rocket launcher in the swimming pool south of Sunshine Autos or just collect enough Hidden Packages.
- Steal a car before the mission starts and park it in the nice and silent alley next to the bank. When you come out it is still there.
- After you completed this mission you can reenter the bank and rob it again. There will be $ 2.000 behind the counter. You can't access the vault anymore though and you'll have a 4 star wanted level, but the next Pay 'n Spray is just up the street a bit.

After you passed this mission you will get a call from Phil and can start doing missions for him.

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