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Now we need the shooter.
Drive to the Ammunation in Downtown, get into the backroom, the shooting range. There you'll meet Phil Cassidy. He wants to duel with you. You have to get at least 60 points on this mission to pass it. You have 3 levels for it. Practice makes you better...

Level 1 is the same as the shooting range minigame, see the last paragraph for more tips on that.
Level 2 has you shooting at targets in houses. Concentrate your fire on the leftmost windows and sometimes on the middle windows and you will be fine.
Level 3 has some moving targets. Only shoot bad guys and hit a lot. As already mentioned, practice makes you better.

After you passed this mission the shooting range is unlocked. Just exit the shooting range area and get back in to start it by stepping in the new pink marker. This starts the Shooting Range mission. Click the link for more hints and tips on the shooting range minigame that also help for the shootist mission.
And on top of that you get a call after this mission asking you to do the Assassination Missions: Loose Ends mission.

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