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Heavy guns available at Phil Cassidy

Now you even get to know why Phil only has one arm (he reappears some years later and older and without blood on his arm in GTA III). But without an arm you lose quite some blood.
So start driving towards the hospital. But you shouldn't have smelled his TNT Whiskey. Now you are on a weird trip and the road is very bouncy. Your car reacts delayed and the view is blurred and the camera tilts.
But Phil doesn't want to go to the hospital, so you continue your funkey funride for some time and drive towards the Cafe Robina (of the Cubans). There you drop off Phil, grab your 4000$ and there you made it through the Boomshine Saigon mission. And from now on you can buy the heavy guns at Phil's place.


- Let Phil die once and look at the text displayed. There is something wrong in VICE CITY.

Hint by alldead:
- There is one setting you can change so that the camera just tilts and all the other crap is gone, but I don't know how it was called ... :(
... well, me neither, maybe YOU know this, so come on, leave a comment about this!

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1) ThePlayer  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
On IOS/Android systems there is no option to toggle drunk effects for this mission. sadly you just have to use actual driving skill for this one, sorry to all the cheaters.

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