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To be able to play Phil's missions you have to first complete all missions for the Malibu Club. But this asset costs 120.000$, but after this you can play as many of Phil Cassidy's missions as you want and you start with the mission Gun Runner.

There are 4 Walton trucks around, all loaded with weapons. They are grouped into groups with 2 trucks each. One of the trucks of a group has a guy in leather jacket on it that shoots at you. He sadly won't fall down when you ram the truck to make the weapons fall down. The best thing to handle him is with a well aimed shot from a Colt Python or with a shotgun of your choice.
So start the mission and get with the patriot on the main road and drive right, well, to the south. 2 of these Walton Trucks will come at you. Ram one of them or even better ram them both. If you did it right the boxes with the weapons fall down, break and you can pick up the weapons. If not, just ram the truck again or drive over the fallen crate. And watch out for the trucks and their mad drivers, the mission can stop immediately if you get under their wheels. So try to avoid this.
So kill the driver with a well aimed shot or drag him out of the car and run him over. Handle the guy on the back of the truck as mentioned above. And with the Ruger you set the truck on fire pretty fast. Or you drive it against a wall for as long until it goes up in flames. The thing is, you have to destroy the car. So collect the weapon and continue to your next victim.
After 2 collected weapons the guys call for backup that also comes, it comes in form of guys with leatherjackets on scooters. Drive away from them as far as possible, the scooters are not that fast. And when they catch up to you, you will be warned by the sound of their engines. When they are coming you better drive away pretty fast or otherwise they'll pull you out of your car and shoot you and take away some 100 health points or more. You can also kill them and get even 100$ for every leatherjacket guy. But for every guy you kill another one will appear as a replacement. And by your progress in the game up to now 100$ are nothing.
And you still have to stop two more trucks and get their weapons. Once you collected all 4 weapons your boss demands that you kill all weapons dealers. But he doesn't mean the leatherjacket guys on scooters but the trucks! So it's better to have some of the wrecked before the leatherjacket guys appear.
After all 4 trucks exploded the mission is over.

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