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- $300

This is one of the most ambitious missions in Vice City. And the worst thing is, you even lose money in the mission. But for something nice. Enter the Pole Position club and get into the back chambers and have a seat in front of one of the strippers. As you will see, your money decreases. Now you wait and wait until you spent $300. Go brew and have a coffe or go to the toilet or whatever, this takes some time...
It really are only $300 and no $600 you have to spend on the stripper in the Pole Position in Vice City.

After spending the $300 the Pole Position night club will start making money for you. Yeah, spend some cash to generate cash and finally earn money from the Pole Position night club!


Wait, what, you need hints for this mission? Well then:
- You don't have to spend the $300 at once, you can do it in more than one session, but all in all you have to spend $300.
- After the Club started generating the $4.000 for you, go out and back in. You can now see another girl dancing for you.
- After the Club started generating money for you, another backroom is opened up where a cowgirl dances for you.

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