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Get a fast car before starting the mission. Then drive to the port really fast and wait for the courier with the printing plates. Don't enter the property or you (or your car) will be taken out pretty fast. You better wait outside to catch the courier. Steal the printing plates from him and drive back to the printworks. Watch out to not destroy the car, if the car explodes the plates also explode and the mission fails. The car with the plates is the middle one of the 3, of course you can and should destroy the guardian cars. And watch out, there are 4 girls armed with shotguns in each of the 2 guardian cars, so be fast or use a rocket launcher.
Also take care as there is someone climbing out through the roof of the plate car and shooting at you. Ram the car and make it stop and manually shoot the gals and you will get the plates pretty fast.


- You cannot just open his door and pull the courier out as his doors are locked.
- But you can shoot the driver through the window.
- After this mission and if you have bought enough properties you can start the second to Last Missions: Cap the collector.

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1) spikemtz  (mail hidden)
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Get the rocket launcher from the swimming pool at the hotel next to the airport. Blast the girls guarding the area. Wait for the courier to get out of the helicopter. Cap 'em, grab the plates, get in the helicopter, and fly back to Print Works.

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