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Drive to the Malibu Club to meet Kent Paul. You might also use a Taxi as is introduced at the start of the mission. This costs $8 though, even if you own Kaufmann Cabs. So meet Kent Paul, this guy always knows everything that's going on in Vice City. There is also Billy Jean playing in the Club, but that shouldn't interrupt your mission.
From the Club you drive to the harbor in Vice Port to the big ship of the Chartered Libertine Lines. Here you use your sniper rifle to snipe the P.I.G. gang. At least the guys you can see, as they like to shoot a lot otherwise.
The following security guys are visible from the streets in front of the ship:
1) at the back (right) end of the ship, he walks along the guard rail.
2) at the back end of the ship, directly at the mast at the way up. He is there, but seldom visible, you need patience to get him.
3) at the front end of the ship, he walks along the guard rail.
4) at the front end of the ship, he stands on some cargo containers to the left of the middle.
5) On the main building of the ship, right on top of it.

Especially the last one is important, he likes to shoot you from the top otherwise when entering the ship.

After you killed them all sneak on board, and find your way behind the main building. Once you are close enough to the building an alert goes off and you are spotted, so run up the stairs to the north and behind the mainbuilding of the ship. There 3-4 more armed guys shoot at you, so kill them. At the end of the stairs get into the marked door and find the guy from the triads there. After you made him talk you have to get back to the printworks with a 2 star wanted level. You can use the Pay 'n Spray at the harbor area to get rid of it.


- You can use a helicopter to fly to the Malibu Club and then land on the roof of the ship. But watch out for the P.I.G. guys, 2 or 3 of them will still get you.
Then just jump over the shiprail back to solid ground. If you run fast enough you can make it.
- On the other side of the ship is an armor inside the small building at the barrier.
- Under the left ramp is a health heart.

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