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The good old button Missions in GTA, you love 'em and you hate 'em. You start them by pressing button while you are in one of these special cars, that means pressing the right Analogue Stick in. They are nice to kill some time inbetween, but if you want to finish and complete them, they can be a pain in the ass. But there are some nice extras you get for completing them, so this is a good motivation:

Pizza Boy: 150 Health
Vigilante: 150 Armor
Fire Fighter: unburnable
Paramedic: Unlimited running
Taxi Driver: Pogo Taxis

Except for the Pogo Taxis everything is pretty useful. The jumping Taxis are only useful in a traffic jam...
Speaking of traffic jam, if you are driving around in the paramedic van, the firetruck or a police car and turn on the siren (button) the other people in traffic will back up from you and won't crash into you while running over red traffic lights. But the sound of the siren gets pretty annoying pretty quick.

A hot tip from me is to first complete all these button missions before even starting the first mission and then save it to a special slot on your memory card. So if you ever decide to replay GTA Vice City you have these oddjobs out of the way already!

The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory: Distribution mission is also an odd job and is started by pressing button, but it fits better where it is, under property mission, as you first have to buy the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory before you can start the mission.

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