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Which Vehicle

Firefighter Department and Firetruck in Downtown Map
Firetruck Image
You drive the firefighter mission with the FIRETRUCK. This is the huge red truck with the hose on top.
To get the firetruck you have to start a fire, which you can easily do with Molotov-Cocktails or the flamethrower, once you set some people on fire the firefighters will be there soon. But watch out, starting fires also attracts the police.
And even better is stealing a fire truck. The cops won't find out about this so easily. The only firefighter department in Vice City is in Downtown on the second Island. Just get to the AmmuNation in Downtown and walk down the street to the south. Then get through a hole in the fence on your right (west) side. There you can find the fire truck. If no firetruck is there, just drive around the block and there will be one.

What do you do

You have to reach level 12. Level 1 means you have to put out one fire. Level two means you have to extinguish 2 fires and so on.
You control the hose of your fire truck with the right analog stick. To spray around with water from the hose use the button-button.
For every level you beat you get the time left on your clock added to your new time. So hurry up!

Other important stuff

Level 1$501 car-----
Level 2$2001 car1 person
Level 3$4501 car2 persons
Level 4$800!! 1 driving car3 persons
Level 5$1,2502 cars
1 car drives off once
the other car is extinguished!
3 persons
Level 6$1,8002 cars4 persons
Level 7$2,4502 cars5 persons
Level 8$3,2002 cars6 persons
Level 9$4,0503 cars6 persons
Level 10$5,0003 cars7 persons
Level 11$6,0503 cars8 persons
Level 12$7,2003 cars9 persons

And so on and so on...

As you get more money for every level you play there is no big sum you get at the end of level 12. So you can continue fighting fires after you finished level 12 and make even more money. I once bet level 23, but afterwards it is just too heavy.

Extinguish the cars at first. Only once they stopped burning start caring about the people running away, otherwise the car might explode on you or drive away.

You can also extinguish people on the fly while putting out a car. For example aim for the second car and put out the people that are running out of the first car while doing so. These stupid fuckers run away from you while they are burning and don't come to you, the firefighter, ...

!!! Don't run over burning people with your truck !!!

While you are headed for the next fire aim your hose to the front while driving.

Don't get a wanted level.

If it happens though, eat a police bribe star as fast as possible..

Some people fall to the ground when you hit them with water. Just keep on spraying on them until they are no longer on fire!!

Some people just walk on while they are on fire.
There you should just roll along with them and make them wet while doing so.

Be really fast. You have to be 1000 times faster than for the paramedic mission. Your car will not get wrecked (except when you manage to land it upside down) and you have a hard time navigating it.

People falling into the water (or getting sprayed there, hehe) extinguish themself with that.

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