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unlimited running

Which Vehicle

You need the Ambulance for the paramedic mission. This is a white loud big brick.
To get the ambulance you either have to kill someone or you steal the car. If you shoot some pedestrians the ambulance comes with loud sirens. But be careful, amok activities also attract the police.
So it might be better to just steal an ambulance. The stupid cops won't recogise this. I found an ambulance at the hospitals in Ocean Beach, in Vice Point and in Downtown. I didn't find one in Little Havana. In case there is no ambulance at the hospital because he has to take care of the corpses you produced just drive around the block and there should be one there.

Maps of all Hospitals in Vice City
Ocean View Hospital (Ocean Beach) Map
Shady Palms Hospital (Vice Point) Map
Schuman Health Care Center (Downtown) Map
West Haven Community Healthcare Centre (Little Havana) Map

What do you do

You have to reach and finish level 12. Level 1 means you have to pick up one hurt person and take the person to the hospital. Level means picking up 2 persons and so on.
You get extra time for every hurt person you pick up. But sometimes you get less time once you drop them off at the hospital and completed a level. This can be confusing at first.
So drive safe and bring a lot of time with you, as the paramedic mission can take up to 45 minutes and more.
The paramedic mission is very annoying, but somehow worth it a bit.

Other important stuff

Level 1$50
Level 2$200
Level 3$450
Level 4$800
Level 5$1,250
Level 6$1,800
Level 7$2,450
Level 8$3,200
Level 9$4,050
Level 10$5000
Level 11$6,050
Level 12$7,200
+ $12,000 + unlimited running

!!! Don't run over people !!! Otherwise the mission is over at once. At least when you run over one of your potential passengers.

I prefer driving in Vice Point because the paths to the beach are nice and wide. And once you are on the beach there is no more traffic. If you are doing this mission there, and there are people you need to collect inside the living area stay on the wide main road that is parallel and very close to the beach for as long as possible as it is very easy to drive past other cars on the wide roads. Make your way through the living area as short as possible.

The people move... what do they need an ambulance for? Don't aim for the arrows at the beach, but a bit to the left or right next to them as you need more space to slow down on sand and otherwise you might accidently drive over a potential passenger.
If you drove too far, SLOWLY back up as the people come running after you and you could run over them.
In the very moment they touch your door and a small moment before you can already start driving again.

Drive really really careful, you are no Taxi, you have to stay in the same Ambulance all the time and the car has to survive 78 people transports!!
Coming to a crossroad the other vehicles will stop for you when you turn on your siren with button. But this works not that great...

If you passed level 6 and think you made it halfway through... that's so wrong, you made it not even 1/3 through it.
The halfway point is reached after the first 3 people of level 9.

Only 3 people fit into the Ambulance, you have to drop them off at the hospital before you can pick up more people. Get used to it from level 4 on.
The best idea is to pause the game as soon as you leave the hospital after a level and plan you route ahead while the game is paused and you can see the map. You don't have to have 3 passengers in your vehicle all the time. For level 4 for example it doesn't matter if you drive 3/1 or 2/2.

If you are driving around Vice Point keep in mind that Prawn Island also belongs to Vice Point.

The Ambulance has no radio and therefor no music. Just turn on some good music elsewhere and you can stand doing this boring mission.

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