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150 Health

Which Vehicle

You play the Pizza delivery mission with the PIZZABOY. That's the scooter that looks like the Faggio, but has a box on the back for all the Pizzas. The Pizzaboy can be found behind every one of the Pizza Restaurants from The Well Stacked Pizza Co. all over Vice City. In case there is none to be found, just drive around the block and there will be one there.

Maps of all The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Restaurants in Vice City
Pizza Restaurant (Vice Point) Map
Pizza Restaurant (Little Haiti) Map
Pizza Restaurant (Downtown) Map

What do you do

You have to reach level 10. So, level 1 means deliver one Pizza to one customer and throw it towards the person like on a drive by shooting (look left or right with button and button and throw the Pizza with the button-Button). Then drive back to the Pizza Restaurant and get more customers. Controls on the PC are: Look left and right with Q and E and throw the Pizza out with the Left Mousebutton.
Level 2 means you have to deliver 2 Pizzas, and so on.
You can only carry 6 Pizzas in your Pizzabox, so beginning in level 7 you have get back to the restaurant to get more pizzas for your customers.

You are given 5 minutes for every level. The time left is not added up.

In case nothing really stupid happens this is doable.

Other important stuff

Completing Level 10 means delivering exactly 55 Pizzas.

You are given 5 minutes for every level.

The money you get from the customers is not worth it.

But once you complete level 10 you get a bonus of $5,000... that's better!

Even more your maximum health increases to 150 and no longer these sad 100 points.

Sometimes your customers are standing right behind a lamp post or a traffic light.
In that case you cannot hit them all that good with the pizza. So if that happens or if you missed a customer with your Pizza and don't want to drive back to get a new one just drive against the pizza box and push it towards the customer. This doesn't work all the time but when it works it takes less time than driving back to the restaurant and getting new pizzas and then coming back again.

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1) Roberto  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I played the pizza mission and passed butt one prob my percent didn't go up? I was at 79% before and after? Sigh

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