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150 Armor

Which Vehicle

You start the vigilante mission with every police car available, that are Police, Barracks OL, Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI Washington, Rhino, Hunter, and the SWAT cheetah.
It is a lot easier with the Hunter (Apache Helicopter in the military base), but then the Police Mission in GTA Vice City is no longer called Vigilante Mission but it is called Brown Thunder.
If you, for whatever reason, I don't want to judge you, search not for the Hunter but for the normal Police Helicopter or Police Maverick, you can find the Police Chopter behind the Police Station in Downtown. You find out where that is on the maps below here.

Maps of all Police Stations in Vice City
Police Station (Washington Beach) Map
Police Station (Vice Point) Map
Police Station with Police Helicopter on the roof (Downtown) Map
Police Station (Little Havana) Map

What do you do

You have to reach level 12 and finish it. You have to kill the criminals in the cars. That's what I call radical police work! It is very easy with the Hunter.

Other important stuff

- Do this mission with the Hunter! Really!

- If you start the mission over the rolling fields of the airport most of the gangsters also appear there and are easy to get.

- You get 150 Armor after finishing it.

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1) dipak Tomke  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
If u wanna complete vigilant mission without chasing them get cop car activate mission and put car in the garage and get out apply bigbang cheat then open garage before time runs out enter to the car get out apply bigbang again your car not gonna explode in the garage repeat this until you got enough money
2) David  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Die Bürgerwehr-Missionen sind noch einfacher mit dem Panzer (Rhino). Mit dem Hunter muss man erstmal in die richtige Position kommen um auch zu treffen. Mit dem Panzer kann man einfach hinterher fahren und die Wagen rammen, diese explodieren dann. Ich bin bis Level 48 gekommen und hatte eine gutgeschriebene Zeit von 43 Minuten. Dann kam ein Bulle und zog mich aus dem Panzer.

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