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*second island opens up
*Colonel Cortez is back
*also Avery Carrington is back

This mission is basically an extended drive by shooting, this time with a helicopter. Great fun! Besides good aiming you also must watch out that your chopter is not hit and doesn't go down.
And once you finished the Phnom Penh mission you finally unlock the second Island and open all bridges.
Note that you have unlimited bullets for the M-60 for this mission, but only on this mission.
On the rooftops and all around the area there are lots of the explosive red barrels, so shoot them and kill more than one of the enemies at once. This works pretty good.
It is annoying that your heli is always shaking around, but that's the way it is, get used to it and try to guess the movement of the heli, aim a bit to the side of the bad guy and shoot him with the movement of the heli.
And always shoot the guys closest to you first as their hits harm you and the heli the most.

1st house:

1st roof: 5 guys: Go for the red barrels, this makes it easier.

2nd side: and again 5 guys on different floors. 3 on the upper floor, 2 on the bottom floor.

2nd house:

4 car to shoot, 1 guy in front behind the car, just blow up the car and he will die with it, and there are 2 guys in the pool.
Camera looking to the right, there is one guy at the hut and another one hiding behind the jeep.
Now flying to the tennis court, there are 2 guys directly on the tennis field and one close to the jeep.

3rd house:

5 people on the roof, 3 to the left and 2 to the right. And some good placed red barrels...

2nd house:

back to the second house, now 2 guys appear on top, and 3 down, while flying over you can catch some of them.

1st house:

Again 3 guy appear on the roof, after this you are dropped there. Of course one of the last 3 guys is shooting with a fast firing assault rifle just to piss you off shortly before the end of the helicopter ride. Watch out and take him out.

Of course Lance acts stupid and drops you off on the ground and not on the roof, but you know what to do. You can shoot about 6 people through the door without getting in and risking being shot.
After they are all smashed you enter and get up the stairs on the left. At the end of the stairs is a lone survivor, but you will be grateful and kill him. So get onto that roof and grab that suitcase.


- Keep the button button pressed and you have rapid fire. And use it all the time as you have unlimited bullets for the Phnom Penh '86 mission.
- I prefer the D-Pad for aiming over the Analogstick, but just try around what is better for you.
- After this mission all bridges are open and you unlock the 2nd island. But you can access the 2nd island before completing the mission!


by alldead:
the name is taken from the Vietnam War...

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