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After the tarantinoesque cutscene you have to invade Diaz' house. Well, house sounds rather small... As it is too easy to get in through the front door we take the backdoor. Kill the guy standing at the corner in front and get to the back of the mansion. After killing 5 more guys at the pool you are standing in front of the back-entrance.

Now get up to the 2nd floor and kill Diaz and his guards. They are not that hard at all, as their aim is really bad if you shoot them from a distance, but together they might hit you, so try to kill them one after the other from a distance and don't let more than one of them shoot at you at a time. Also keep your health meter in mind, there is a heart icon in the basement but outside the house at the other side of the basementpool.
Now you are richer by 50k bucks and you own a villa and can start the Vercetti missions in the villa.
You have to finish the first Vercetti Mission to be able to buy properties with missions in Vice City.

Now that you own the Villa you also get a call from Kent Paul offering you Love Fist as potential mission suppliers.

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