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A boat race, nice. Don't follow the guys but take a left around Leaf Links until the wide piece of landslide from Leaf Links comes into sight. There you turn right and then, well, you have the fastest boat.
Now they follow you and you have to shoot down your followers. Just like on twitter. At first kill the two followers on the boat. Now turn around and kill the shooters on the pier (red barrels). Hit them quick and early as they tend to wreck your boat really bad.
After that a helicopter comes after you, shoot it. Then 2 more boats to the front follow and that's it. But you just have to kill the shooting guys on the boats, not the whole boat.


- Always aim high enough. When you shoot your own boat with your own shooting this also damages your boat.

After you managed to do this, you get a call by Kent Paul (and another call by a confused Lance) and first have to finish the Kent Paul: Death Row mission, before you can continue with the next mission here.

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