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It is best to use the Infernus for this mission as it is already parked in front of the mansion. So drive to the house you have to drive to and stand in the pink marker (twice). Once your target appears you chase him over the rooftops.
When he starts shooting you don't have to go through the flames that appear then, but you rather jump off the roof to the LEFT and grab a fast car as soon as possible and then follow him.
He drives towards the Ocean Boulevard area, around the North Point Shopping Mall, makes the turn and drives over the bridge towards Prawn Island. Once he stops approach him until you are at around 20 meters (65 foot) from him and that's about it.


- Don't kill or even ram the fleeing guy.
- If your vehicle is too slow for you tastes park your infernus next to the Faggio at the back end of the houses or switch cars on Ocean Boulevard, there are a lot of fast cars to be found.
- once he stops approach him.
- Don't go through the fire on the roof but off of the roof to the left. You can park you Infernus there.
- On the roof is Hidden Package 30.

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