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Make sure you have full health, armor and ammunition. This is really helpful for this mission.
Then drive to the harbor. As soon as you approach the building 7 armed guys start shooting at you. 3 of them are patrolling at the front and can be taken out separately and 4 other guys in leather are waiting for you at the back and are most likely met all at once. So shoot back and kill every one of the guys that want to otherwise kill you. Probably also use a Ruger or a sniper rifle from farther away. In case you run out of ammunition or just want some more, there is an Uzi hidden behind the house on the other side of the shipyard.
After you killed all the shooters outside you have to get into the hall. There you will encounter 3 mechanics that hit you with tools. They are a lot easier to handle than the heavily armed guys outside. After you killed them activate the switch in the hall to lower the boat by stepping into the pink marker.
This also activates 5 more guys, this time armed with Uzis. After they are dead you jump into the boat and drive to the villa. You have around a 3 star wanted level by now, so the cops will chase you on water too. But they are stupid and drive everywhere but not in your way and after all you have the fastest boat.
After reaching the villa of Ricardo Diaz your wanted level will be gone for good.

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