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There are a lot of things to discover in GTA Vice City, even stuff not fitting on these pages here, but there are some cool things that I will cover here anyways. Just read on, there is a lot to find out.


To do a wheelie you have to sit on a motorcycle. Then pull the Analog Stick (or the D-Pad) back and press button to speed up a bit. The best bike for Wheelies in GTA Vice City is the Sanchez Dirtbike. There you just have to let go of the button-Button and keep the back-button pressed. But then every now and then still press button a little bit to not stop completely.
The best places to do wheelies are the bridges or the runways at the airport.
You can't do a wheelie with the heavy biker bikes like the Angel.
On the iPad and iPhone you do the wheelie different than on the PS2, you do it by pressing the acceleration button twice.

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Nose Wheelie/Stoppie

To do a nose wheelie you need a motorcycle of course.
To finally do a nosewheelie go full throttle (sounds fast...) and then totally break and press to the front on your D-Pad or Analog Stick. If you are fast enough your back wheel moves up and away from the ground, your are only in contact with the earth with your front wheel and slide through the game world. As long as you don't crash into something and stay on your vehicle the time is taken until your back wheel touches the ground again.
You can reach quite some times this way.
In case you want to do more and exaggerate the whole thing (I'm quite sure you want to) you just need a motorcycle with front wheel drive.
There are only 2 vehicle in the whole world of Vice City that are like that. There is the Faggio Scooter and the Pizzaboy.
The Pizzaboy can be found behind every Pizza Restaurant, the Faggio can be found on the beach promenade. There is also always a Faggio a bit to the north of the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point behind the trashcontainer at the corner.
So once you are on your wheels speed up (sounds fast? it isn't!), break, press up and this is what you know already. Now, once the back wheel reached the peak, just step on the gas again, because the Faggio and the Pizzaboy have front wheel drive you can drive your nosewheelie just like a normal wheelie on the Sanchez.
Just don't forget to keep up pressed and maybe correct you path a bit by steering like you would normally do, but not so strong.
This way you can reach a lot longer times
So have fun practicing and beating highscores.

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3D Map

I have no idea who made this map, but I like it, even though there are some ships missing in the harbour area and the last runway is missing. Or is it the map for Vice City Stories? Click for Full Size!


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Good Citizen Bonus

Sometimes you see a cop running in the streets of Vice City. Most of the time there is also someone running away from the cop. If you also run with them and punch the person running away you get a $50 bonus because you are such a nice and helpful citizen. What the cops then do to the poor guy is none of your business. And you shouldn't shoot the person running away.
But you can beat him more than once and get money every time as long as he is still running away. Once he is down on the ground you can kick the poor guy and still get money for it. But you cannot do this infinitely as his corpse will sooner or later disappear. And it is not nice to kick someone on the ground anyways.

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Quick Reload

When your current weapon is about to get empty magazinewise you just quickly switch to another weapon and back with buttonbutton or buttonbutton. And voila, after changing to another weapon the new weapon is fully reloaded.
That's faster than watching Tommy reloading the current weapon painfully slow.

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Leave Car Door Open

When exiting a car keep the handbreak button pressed and get out of the car with the button. Then get away from the car and Tommy won't close the door. This is really helpful if you are planning on a real quick escape!

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Keep up the ball

In one of the swimming pools on Starfish Island there is a ball hidden and you can play with that ball.
Seeing that there are explosions and kills waiting for you this is as exciting as it sounds. But you can really kick it and keep it up like a Footbag. The game statistics counts your highscore for this pastime in Vice City.

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Maximum Score

Wolfi in the 3D Center Forum made it to the maximum possible money score of 999.999.999$ through endless vigilante missions in the Hunter. The 8 digits counter got a 9th digit on the way but wouldn't go higher than that number. Thanks for your patience.
In the end this looks like this:
Max Score

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Left Analogstick

2 cars in Vice City make something fun happen when you press button while all other cars just honk the car horn.
The first one is the Voodoo, the haitian ghettocruiser. If you press the left analogstick while in the Voodoo the hydraulics of the car lift it up. Press it again and it goes down again.
The other car is every Taxi, after you delivered 100 passengers.

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Appartement 3c (Scarface)

Appartement 3c Map
The whole game is an homage to Scarface but it gets even more obvious in apartment 3c. You can find it very easy, I will describe the way from the Ocean View Hotel, as everyone know where this is, even when you just started the game.
Stand on the long beach road facing the Ocean View Hotel. Walk past the hotel on the left and follow that road. You will reach that useless underpath with the police bribe star in it. Walk through or over the underpath and you will reach another road crossing your path. Turn left and follow that road to the next branching. Turn right at the branching and you are on the correct road already. Walk on the road to the middle of the road (middle of the length) and turn right. You should see a white house with 4 doors and two sets of stairs on every side. Enter the apartment 3c through the door on the upper right.
Inside you will find a suitcase with 3 packs of coke and a chainsaw in the bloodsplattered bathroom. There is a cocaine deal going wrong in Scarface in an appartement that looks like this apartment 3c and a friend of Tony Montana, the protagonist of Scarface, gets bloodily executed with a chainsaw in the bathroom.

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Hotel Lights

Get to the Leaf Links Golfcourse between 23.00 o'clock and midnight and look towards the Malibu Club. You will notice a funny light formation within the lights of one of the hotels.

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Picking up Prostitutes

Between 19.00 o'clock and 05.00 o'clock in the morning the hookers in Vice City come out. There are only 3 different looking hookers in Vice City, at least only 3 character models, the hookers can be found anywhere. One of them has black hair, red bra, blue mini skirt, black boots. Once you found one drive next to her in a 4 seat drive and honk by pressing button. Once she gets on drive a bit off side and watch the car shaking and Tommy getting a 25 Health bonus to get a total health of 125.
You are off the tracks enough once you are no longer on a road and the ground under your car drags up dust or gras or sand or other stuff when driving over it.

The following cars don't work to get hookers:
Flatbed, Linerunner, Packers (the 3 big trucks), boats, helicopters, motorcycles, police-, military-, emergency- or flying vehicles, gang cars like Gang Burrito, Cuban Hermes, Caddy, Baggage Handler or Voodoo, also Sabre Turbo, Deluxo, Sandking, Hotring Racer and Bloodring Banger, Mr. Whoopee and Zebra Cab.
If you save your game the 25 health bonus won't be saved. And if you have 150 health because you already completed the R3 Missions: Pizza Boy misson, your health drops down to 125 and does not increase up to 175.

Getting a hooker costs you $136 and lasts for 30 seconds. That's half an hour in game. And you can even kill the hooker after having fun with her and this way get back your money spent on her...

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The Easteregg Map
A lot of games have funny little things in them, hidden by the developers, and you call these things eastereggs. But in Vice City there is a really special easter egg hidden within the game. Just because the developers are really cool guys...

We have to get to the helipad of the Vice City News for this. The building of the news agency in Vice City is found in Downtown. When you are coming over the bridge from Prawn Island towards Downtown on the second island the building we are looking for is on the right side shortly after the end of the bridge. Quite a long way before the Ammu Nation in Downtown. You will recognise it by the huge VCN sign on the building. To the right of the sign on the Vice City News building and a bit behind the railing of the bridge is an open door (the pink square in the minimap). Via this open door you reach the roof of the Vice City News building in no time and via the stairs there you get onto the helipad we are searching for. You can also fly here by helicopter, but in case you don't know where to look exactly it is a bit hard to find. But on the other hand there are not that many heliports on roofs in Downtown.
So once you are on the heliport on the roof of the Vice City News you eventually find the Helicopter of the News there and also the Hidden Package #61. But anyways, look west now. All you see is the wall of a building. But there is a part in the wall that is not solid. If you have the sniper rifle with the laser aim you can search along the wall and there where the red dot disappears the wall isn't solid. If you don't have the laseraim sniper rifle you just have to trust me now and you need a bit of luck. Just jump to the west from the heliport into the rightmost window of the three windows there, the window closest to the red signal light of the helipad. So, as I said, with a bit of luck you just hit the non solid wall and are standing in the room with the easter egg now, in case you miss and drop down you lose around 30 healthpoints. Happy Easter!

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At once to the second island

Officially you can only reach the 2nd island after completing the Ricardo Diaz: Phnom Penh 86 mission and unlocking the second island this way, but getting to the second island of Vice City without ever having started a single mission has some big advantages for you. But we'll cover that later, first we have to get there.

It is quite easy to reach the second island early on, I found this method online at the end of 2016(!!!) on youtube, so thanks to youtube user Danger, I quickly explain what happens in the video and what you have to do here:
Get a motorcycle, drive to Prawn Island, pass through on the left of the barrier blocking the bridge to the 2nd island (between movie studio and the barrier ist a small gap) and after the blocking invisible wall immediately turn right and then continue driving straight on, right into the concrete of the bridge, you can even use the wall to your right to guide you in. Somehow you actually get inside the bridge and can drive to the second island inside and under the bridge, voila, quick and easy!

One (and before discovering the previous method my favorite) method is to jump into the movie studio area with a PCJ600, then get one of the trucks with a ramp, park it to face towards the bridge to downtown and then jump over the truck to the bridge and head off to downtown.

Another possibility to get to the second island early on in the game is in the harbor of Ocean Beach. I never did it this way, but a lot of people claim this is possible so welcome to the list. It is said to be possible to park and ambulance backwards in front of the gate next to Cortez' gate and then jump over the gate via the ambulance.
But is is easier to get there with a PCJ600. the harbor looks like that with the gates:


So grab the PCJ600. There where the circle o is, is a tree. Crash into the place that is marked with the X. Of course do it at an angle so that you are thrown to the path behind the gate. Drive towards the X, check it out and then drive backwards over the path and then full throttle against the fence. This doesn't work all the time but very often.
Once you are over the gate, one way or the other, steal a boat and drive over to the second island.on is to get onto the stone bridge between the first island and prawn island and wait for a boat. Then jump onto the boat and drive it over to the second island.

A fourth method is to just stand on the stone bridge between the first island and Prawn Island, wait for a boat and jump into the boat from that bridge. Now you can just sail over there.

So, I'm on the second Island without having started a single mission, what do I do now?

Good question, you can collect all hidden packages here, that is great because you can also steal a helicopter now and get all packages without having started one single mission. Then you save your game with 100 packages and no mission started and once you want to replay the game you start with this savegame and don't have to track down all 100 packages anymore but have all the advantages already. Of course having cleared the R3 Missions also helps. Sadly you can't do the Firefighter mission on the second island while the bridges are still closed as no burning vehicles appear on that island!
And you can buy the Scumhole Shack for just $1.000 and then save on the second island.

Don't be shy and leave a comment if you are having problems with one of these tricks or if you know another one not listed here. YOUR descriptions will help other players too. You know, Internet and stuff, if you found this page others will find it too in the future...
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1) mahesh moholkar  (
wrote on:
2) MrMaikiu  (
wrote on:
Haa! Gaayy
3) Dennox  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Hallo Leute, wenn ihr ganz am Anfang die Feuerwehrmission machen wollt bevor ihr die zweite Insel freischaltet müsst ihr alles auf der ersten Insel machen. Problem ist halt dass kein Feuerwehr-Wagen da ist.
Ihr könnt aber einen Feuerwehr-Wagen beschwören.
Wenn ihr es schaft auf die zweite Insel zu kommen, dann geht zum Hyman Condo (Nordwestliches Versteck mit dem Maverick, östlich vom Stadion)
Westlich vom Versteck ist ein Café, und auf der Terrasse sind 4 Molotov-Cocktails. Mit diesen könnt ihr leiter einen Feuerwehr-Wagen beschwören als mit dem Flammenwerfer.
(Cheater können sich natürlich auch was daher cheaten.)
4) kk  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
there is a space ship in film studio on prawn island
5) jc  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
doing a 1005 playthrough on mobile. Going to do another 100% playthrough on ps4 to get all trophies. Love the 2nd island tip.
6) Sushil Subedi  (
wrote on:
i got 175 hp after picking up prostitute it did not decreased to 125.
7) Justine89  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I found a way to get to the second island early, but you can't do it until you start getting missions from Diaz and Starfish Island is open, which is super early in the game. I was exploring Starfish Island when I came across a neat glitch that I'm guessing was put there on purpose by the developers. Btw, I am play on mobile 10th anniversary and don't know if this works on other forms. Go to the islandand to the property all the way down at the northwestpart of the island (take the last/3rd right turn on the main road, it's the 1st property on your left). You'll have to park a car by the gate, then jump on it and over the gate. Or you can go in the property nextdoor and there is a dumpster you can jump on to jump over the hedge. Got to the back of the property, and all the way to the left. Be sure not to fall in the water. Very shortly a boat will come up and turn right into the wall. You can jump onboard and then take it to the next island. From there you can go to the news building and get their helicopter... Or if you have made enough money, you can purchase Hymann Condo and have your own. You can then fly to the prawn island and explore the studio. Be careful.. My helicopter disappeared when i strayed too far.

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