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You can earn some quick money by robbing 15 stores in GTA Vice City. This also accounts to your 100% completion of the game.
To rob a store and steal the money just enter the described shop, draw your gun and aim at the guy at the register. He then throws his money at you as long as you don't stop aiming at him. Of course your wanted level rises the longer you take his money, but you also get more money the longer you keep your aim on him.
You can get a maximum of 4 cash packets from the cashier, the first is worth $50, the second is worth $100 and one wanted level star. The third cash packet is worth $250 and a second wanted level star and the last one is worth $500 and a third wanted level star. But if you stop holding up the cashier with no or one wanted level star you will still get 2 wanted level stars after that so it is well worth it to take all 4 cash packets and risk the 3 wanted level stars and then just drive into the next pay 'n spray.
Another way is taking only 2 packs of money and as soon as you have the first star you just shoot the shopowner before he can trigger the alert. This doesn't work all the time though.

You can rob every store as much as you want, but for the 100% you only have to rob each listed store once. You have to pick up at least one of the packs of cash so that the shop is counted as robbed.

Washington Beach

Bunch of Tools Map
Bunch of Tools

To the west of the Washington Beach Policestation (over the channel) close to the bridge to Starfish Island.

Vice Point

Juwelery Store Map
Jewelry Store

Coming from the gold course island Leaf Link towards Vice Point take the 2nd road to the right. There it is on the right side.
Behind the counter you can also find the Hidden Package 28.

Corner Shop Map
Corner Shop

On the Road from the Vice Point hospital to Prawn Island is a bright red building without a name close to the hospital. Looks like a supermarket from the inside.

Dispensary Plus Map
Dispensary Plus

One block to the west of the Corner Shop (mentioned above).

The GASH! Map

In the North Point Shopping Mall.
The best thing to do here is parking a heli on the top level of the shopping mall of the North Point Mall and getting into action with complete health and armor. Then do this job and the next 3 shops in one go. Only let the wanted level go up to 2 and you can run past all these cops in the mall. Easy, it is very possible to do all this in one go.

Tooled Up Map
Tooled Up

In the North Point Shopping Mall.

Vinyl Countdown - Music Store Map
Vinyl Countdown - Music Store

In the North Point Shopping Mall, first floor (second im america).

Juwelery Store Map
Jewelry Store

In the North Point Shopping Mall.


Juwelery Store Map
Jewelry Store

On the other side of the road from the Pizza Restaurant in Downtown and 50 meters to the north. On ground level there is a green shop.

Dispensary Plus Map
Dispensary Plus

To the south from the Jewelry Store, around the corner and right on the right side.

Little Haiti

Ryton Aide Pharmacy Map
Ryton Aide Pharmacy

The huge building to the north of the Pay 'n Spray in Little Haiti.
Dare to rob this guy all the way to all possible 3 stars. The Pay n Spray is just around the corner! These damned cops cornered my escape PCJ but somehow you alway make it to the Pay 'n Spray :)

Little Havana

Coffee Bagels Donuts Map
Coffee Bagels Donuts

On the other side of the road from the police station.
Don't forget the Hidden Package 76.

Screw-This Map

From the Doughnut Store to the west and all along the road after about 150 meters on the left side.

Cafe Robina Map
Cafe Robina

Meeting point of the Cubans.

Laundromat Map

From the Printworks take the road to the west, then turn left, then right and take the store with LAUNDROMAT written on it.
Don't forget the Hidden Package 72.


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1) Tommy  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I robbed all the stores while playing the Cop Land mission. You just don't drive to the mall with the police car and rather do your crime thing. Your wanted lavel won't go up so you can cash in all the money from robbing stores

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