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$400 - $40,000

So what is this all about? Well, drive well and cross the finish line at first rank!
You can earn good money with the races at Sunshine Autos in GTA Vice City. The best idea is to use a fast car(!!!) like the Hotring Racer (if you unlocked it already) or a Cheetah.
And you can either race normally, this is also doable, but your opponent drivers are plain assholes and sometimes I get this feeling the game just hates me on these races and some of the normal citizens of Vice City are extra stupid and drive in your way more than when not racing... or you can cheat that gangster game a little bit. One thing you could do is, you could shoot all your opponents with the rocket launcher before the race even starts. Park the car you use to get to the starting point in front of the row with the singe car where your marked spot is to kind of block the car in front of the marker. Then position yourself to have the pink maker between you and the other cars and aim with rocket launcher at the lower end of the trunk of the other car in the front row, the car that has the third car behind it. This should kill all cars with one shot.
Or you crash into them all at the same time with the Rhino tank coming from the back. A tank is the only sane thing to use against these opponents. If you didn't hit them all with the tank/rocket launcher, shoot the guys that escaped with the rocket launcher or the tank or wait until they come back to the start/finish line and finally shoot them then or crash into them. Now you have all the time in the world to finish the race.
In case you don't want to cheat that hard, but still want (or need) an advantage, drive close to the standing opponent cars really fast and hit one of them a little bit. The race now starts, and your opponents still have to accelerate to their race speed while you are long gone already.

Terminal Velocity Map Map

Length : 1748 m
Cost: $100
Award: $400

There is a mean left turn on this course, watch out.

Ocean Drive Map Map

Length : 2656 m
Cost: $500
Award: $2,000

(~ 6m45s until cars reappear at finish line...)

Border Run Karte Map

Length : 3100 m
Cost: $1,000
Award: $4,000

Capital Cruise Karte Map

Length : 3924 m
Cost: $2,000
Award: $8,000

TOUR! Karte Map

Length : 4603 m
Cost: $5,000
Award: $20,000

V.C. Endurance Karte Map

Length : 9721 m
Cost: $10,000
Award: $40,000

The last course (V. C. ENDURANCE) is well suited to make fast money. But save before every race you start as you can also lose your money.

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1) chuntan123  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
this is a very good webpage for people who are having problems with the sunshine autos cars list thanks to this page i have sunshine autos generating 9000$ per day!!!!:)
2) Mostafa Abdelmalik  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
you can ride any car before race even a Caddy go to start point race starts then get out of the car , pause the game type "BIGBANG" and now you can get any car and win the race easily :)

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