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. Landstalker Idaho Esperanto Stallion Rancher Blista Compact Deluxo

Besides on this special page you can find ALL vehicles with a fixed parking spot in the complete Vehicle locations map.

Landstalker Map

Landstalker Image
You can find the Landstalker driving everywhere, it looks like the Rancher with an extra spare tire on the back.
You can always find it at the Testdrive in Downtown and at a house on Starfish Island. To get to the house drive to the left (west) from Diaz' mansion until you reach the next T-crossing, turn right (north) there and follow the road until you reach the end and then turn left. On the right side an open gate will appear and there the desired Landstalker car is found.


Idaho Image
The Idaho has no spot where it is always found, but it is found most often driving around in Little Haiti, Little Havana and Downtown, but, as vague as this is, it is also driving around in other places.


Esperanto Image
The description for the Esperanto is the same as for the Idaho, there is no fixed spot where you always find an Esperanto, but the Esperanto is quite rarer than the Idaho. At least in my experience, maybe you find them a lot... You have a good chance of running into an Esperanto on the streets of Little Havana.

Stallion Map

Stallion Image
Drive around on Prawn Island and you should find one of these. Or look around where the Idaho or the Esperanto is to be found. But there is also a fixed location for the Stallion, one Stallion is always found on top of the carpark in Ocean Beach for the Cone Crazy Mission.


Rancher Image
The Rancher is everywhere to be found. The Rancher looks like the Landstalker only without a spare tire. If you are driving around with the Landstalker some Ranchers should also appear. Or you are totally badass and get a 5 star wanted level and steal an FBI Rancher. Then drive the FBI Rancher to a Pay 'n Spray to have the situation cool down and then search for a normal Rancher while you are in the FBI Rancher, as the same and similar cars as the one you drive spawn on the road and sadly the FBI Rancher is not accepted at Sunshine Autos.
On the streets the Rancher mostly spawns in Vice Point and Starfish Island.

Blista Compact

Blista Compact Image
The Blista Compact has no fixed place where it spawns. It looks like a Honda from the back. You can find it in Ocean Beach, Washington Beach and Downtown, and sometimes in Little Haiti and Little Havana.

Deluxo Image
Once you found all these and delivered them, Sunshine Autos will start generating $1,500 a day and you unlocked a new car you will not find anywhere else, the Deluxo. This is like the deluxe version of the Blista Compact.

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esperanto is located in link view apartment parking
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Thanks it helped me to find them.

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