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Besides on this special page you can find ALL vehicles with a fixed parking spot in the complete Vehicle locations map.


Sabre Image
The Sabre is mainly found on the second Island in Downtown, Little Haiti and Little Havana. There is no place where you can always find a parked Sabre.


Virgo Image
You can find a Virgo in the streets in Downtown, Prawn Island, Vice Point, Vice Beach, Washington Beach and on the main roads. Sadly the Virgo has no fixed location.

Sentinel Map

Sentinel Image
The Sentinel can be found everywhere, one is even for sale in the Sunshine Autos building. You don't have to own Sunshine Autos, the Sentinel in here is always in here. But as you are reading on this page here already and you are probably searching for the Sentinel at this moment it is very fitting to have one at hand just around the corner. But don't deliver it to the import export garage before you found the 3 cars without a fixed location on the list 2.

Stretch Map

Stretch Image
The Stretch Limo is found next to your mansion on Starfish Island. Otherwise you can find it in the very first mission Ken Rosenberg: The Party and in the InterGlobal Films Inc.: Marthas Mug Shot mission and very rarely on the streets, if at all.


Washington Image
The Washington is found nearly everywhere, especially in Washington Beach and Ocean Beach, rarer in Vice Point, Downtown and the Airport. But if the Washington doesn't want to be found, it won't appear for another 3 hours. Then you can go to the pizza restaurant in Downtown, behind it there is a parked FBI-Washington. Use the FBI-Washington to drive around and attract a normal Washington, as the FBI version is not accepted at Sunshine Autos.

Admiral Map

Admiral Image
You can find the Admiral in the streets of Ocean Beach Washington Beach or in Little Haiti and Little Havana. There is one fixed place for it on Starfish Island. Exit your villa and go left (west). Take the second street to the right (north) and you will approach a closed gate. Park in front of it and use your car's front lid to jump over the fence to find the Admiral. There is a ramp in that garden that lets you jump into the next garden where the gate is not locked.

Sabre Turbo Image
Once you found all the cars listed above and delivered them, Sunshine Autos will start generating $4,000 a day and you unlocked a new car you will not find anywhere else in the game, the Sabre Turbo, the deluxe version of the Sabre.

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1) sonu  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I cant find out stretch car nd I also completed the marthas mug shot episode where I can find it
2) samuel gallagher  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
- Follow Candy to the Limo, snipe the driver and get in. Now you first have to take a ride through town, but as soon as Candy got out you can drive the golden stretch limo around and park it in a garage (Sunshine Autos and the Hyman Condo are good for this) and keep it and then even come back and finish the mission (killing Candy and restarting is far easier). The golden stretch limo can only be found in this mission.
3) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
hey, that's what I wrote on the Martha's Mugshot Mission ;)
4) SANDY  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Sabre sometimes found in the parking area of Moist palms hotel in downtown

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