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Besides on this special page you can find ALL vehicles with a fixed parking spot in the complete Vehicle locations map.

Cheetah Map

Cheetah Image
The Cheetah is found everywhere, but rather rare. There is one Cheetah parked next to the pier where you receive your missions from Colonel Cortez.
In the driveway of the easternmost house on Starfish Island is another Cheetah to be found. This house has no gate but therefore a crane thing in the water behind the house and no water inside the pool.

Infernus Map

Infernus Image
There is an Infernus parked in front of your villa on Starfish Island. It is Lance's Infernus as it is the only silver Infernus around. This one is really hard to miss.
There is also an Infernus parked inside the Northpoint Mall as a price for some competition.

Banshee Map

Banshee Image
The Banshee is found everywhere. One Banshee is parked on Starfish Island. Find it on the driveway of the westernmost house of the 3 houses in the middle.

Phoenix Map

Phoenix Image
You find the Phoenix also pretty fast everywhere, especially in Washington/Ocean Beach. There is also a Phoenix parked on Starfish Island at the northernmost house, right next to Stunt 17.

Comet Map

Comet Image
The Comet, that somehow looks a bit like a Porsche 911 is pretty rare. But there is one parked on, of course, Starfish Island, inside the garage of the house in the northeast.
And there is another fixed spot for the Comet, but on another island, directly in front of the clubhouse of the Leaf Links Golf Course.

Stinger Map

Stinger Image
Just take a look around the garden of the middle house of the 3 houses in the middle of Starfish Island to find a Stinger. You can enter the mentioned garden via the house to the west of it. Jump over the fence from there.

Sandking Image
And now you already earn $6,500 with Sunshine Autos. And you have a brand new Sandking Monstertruck. It is quite some fun cruising around with the Sandking.

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there is a cheetah parked at the police station near cherry popper factory

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