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. Voodoo Cuban Hermes Caddy Baggage Handler Pizza-Boy Mr. Whoopee Hotringracer

Besides on this special page you can find ALL vehicles with a fixed parking spot in the complete Vehicle locations map.

Voodoo Map

Voodoo Image
The Voodoo is the cool hydraulic car (on button) the Haitians use for a ride. So you mostly find it in Little Haiti. One Voodoo parks next to Auntie Poulet's house, ehrm..., hut.

Cuban Hermes

Cuban Hermes Image
This Hermes variation looks cool, it has flames all over it. As only Cubans drive around in the Cuban Hermes you find the Cuban Hermes all over Little Havana.
The Cuban Hermes is everywhere on the streets in Little Havana but has no fixed parking spot.

Caddy Map

Caddy Image
This is the Golf Caddy, not the Taxi, that is called Cabbie. Try your luck on the golfcourse of course or close to it. Sometimes you can find one there. Once you found one on the golfcourse you can get out of there via the ramp next to the entrance building.
There is also a Caddie hidden in the bushes near the lighthouse in the south of the first island.

Baggage Handler
Baggage Handler Map

Baggage Handler Image
The Baggage Handler is found behind the airport on the air field (on the second island). Most of the time you can find a Baggage Handler between the 2 gangways there.


Pizza-Boy Image
The Pizza-Boy scooter is found behind every single one of the 3 pizza shops. It's as easy as that!
If you don't know where the Pizza restaurants are, just take a look at the map of all Pizza Restaurants in Vice City, you'll find each one of them on it.

Mr. Whoopee
Mr. Whoopee Map

Mr Whoopee Image
So you ask yourself where to find a Mr. Whoopee Icecream Truck? Maybe you should try your luck at the Cherry Poppers Icecream factory? To make a Mr. Whoopee appear there you have to own the factory. And it's just $30,000 for you.

Hotring Racer Image
Yeah, you made it, now you have them all and make $9,000 a day and also have a Hotring Racer in your Sunshine Autos showroom.

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1) It  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Playing vice city with my kid(new game to her!),forgot how good this game is. We are using your site for the car list, thanks, this is very useful.
2) Usssy  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
But in my game is yamaha600r not pizza boy how can i correct it
3) Priyanshu  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I can't deliver the pizzaboy in sunshine autos. Please tell what to do
4) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
If list 4 is the currently active list the garage door at Sunshine Autos should open up when you arrive with a car (or scooter) on the list, no matter what.
Try driving back up to the road and coming back or even restarting the game and stealing another pizzaboy, there are plenty of them behind the pizza shops.

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