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There are two very enduring and longlasting vehicles in GTA Vice City that need to be mentioned seperately on a dedicated page. Actually they are both military vehicles, and they are the Rhino which is the military tank and the Hunter, wich is the military combar helicopter, both are really heavy rides. Now read everything interesting about these special military vehicles in GTA Vice City on this page...

Rhino - the tank

What is the Rhino

Rhino is short form for Rhinoceros. And just as you don't want to get run over by a Rhinoceros you don't want to get run over by a Rhino tank.
The Rhino is a very well armored vehicle that can stand lots and lots of damage and has a cannon on board, what better thing is there to go on a rampage with in Vice City? If you collide with other cars these explode and open up the way.
If your wanted level reaches 6 stars the military comes along whith a Rhino tank, but they never use the board cannon.
The Rhino tank is bulletproof but weak to fire, like from Molotov Cocktails or from the flamethrower.

getting the Rhino - tank

There are a lot of methods to get the tank, the easiest is by cheating. You will find the cheat code in the Cheatcodes Section. The Cheat looks something like this:


But to get the Rhino this way you have to cheat and this is shown in your game statistics.

Also cheating is no fun for a fun game like Vice City so let's see what else there is...

In the Sir, Yes Sir! mission by Colonel Cortez a Rhino tank is the main objective. And you can steal it! So do as mentioned in the text for the Colonel Cortez: Sir, Yes Sir! mission to get into the tank and then steal it. But you are still on a mission while sitting in the tank. And if you just let the timer run out the tank explodes.
So drive to one of your houses really fast, perhaps the Hyman Condo and park the tank in the garage. Get out and stand in front of the garage door so that it won't close. Now wait until the timer to runs out and tank explodes. Now step away and let the door close, then open it again and you have the tank in your garage. And this is how you steal a tank in Vice City!
If you are running out of time when driving to the Hyman Condo read on in the hints section a bit below.

Rhino Location in Fort Baxter Army Base Map
There is also the possibility to steal the tank from the military base Fort Baxter after collecting 90 Hidden Packages.
To do so put on the police uniform from the police station in Washington Beach (you can find it there after completing the Vercetti Estate: Cop Land mission, there is no military outfit in Vice City, but the copoutfit fits too!), and then get to the Fort Baxter Army Barracks. And get into the Rhino. If you don't put on the police uniform the army will shoot at you. Badly. You can use a helicopter to get closer to the tank.
If you don't want to put on the police uniform for your own reasons you can start the Rampage next to the military base Fort Baxter and all shooting soldiers turn into gangmembers that don't care about you and don't shoot you anymore.
Or you just say screw it, and drive a car through the barrier, run to the Rhino and get in. You will get hit by some shots this way, but the Rhino is bulletproof. To get the Rhino this way you have to find lots of packages.

There is yet another way to get the Rhino:
Once your game progressed enough you can have 6 wanted level stars. Once you have 6 stars on your level the military comes at you with the Rhino. But they are very angry at you so you will get busted pretty fast once you sit in the tank.
So what can you do? Get into Sunshine Autos and get to the second floor. Shoot all windows and then party hard with your guns. It won't take long to reach the 6 stars on your wanted level. Once the tank is coming shoot the tank driver with the sniper rifle through the small slot in the tank and then kill all the Cops, FBI guys and military guys to have a chance to get into the tank, otherwise you will get busted.
Now you drive into your own Pay 'n Spray in Sunshine Autos and get rid of the Cops, but have the Rhino.
For this you have love to have fun and survive hard action.


To drive faster with the Rhino tank to get away from the Army or to just move faster turn the turret to the back with the right Analogestick and shoot everything you've got. And you have unlimited ammo, so you will get a nice speed.

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Hunter - the Combat Helicopter

What is the Hunter

Hunter Image
The hunter is a military combat helicopter that is based on the Apache helicopter. The hunter has an onboard machine gun and an onboard rocket launcher. Both with unlimited ammo.
With the Hunter it is very easy to finish the R3 Missions: Vigilante mission and it is even fun to do so.

Getting the Hunter - Combat Helicopter

Hunter Location in Fort Baxter Army Base Map
The Apache like military attack helicopter Hunter appears on the Fort Baxter airbase once you collected all 100 Hidden Packages. With some luck it appears on the Helipad on the southern end of the first island, but in almost all versions of the game the Hunter only appears there once you completed the game 100%. Your game stats will tell you how many percent you already completed.
Otherwise you will find it in the military base Fort Baxter after collecting the 100 packages. Sadly there is no cheat to spawn a Hunter, you have to collect all the packages.
To reach the Hunter alive you either fly with another heli into Fort Baxter, jump out and get into the hunter very fast and get away even faster. But the army soldiers shoot at you and your hunter and chances are the hunter goes up in flames this way.
Or you take a slower approach, to do so get into the police station in Washington Beach and get the police uniform (you can get it there after completing the Vercetti Estate: Cop Land mission) and then get to Fort Baxter. Now the military doesn't want to kill you any more and no more soldiers will shoot at you. So just walk to the hunter and get your reward for collecting all 100 packages while the military doesn't bother you anymore.
The rocket launcher on your Apache is pretty much worth it alone, just try it!

If the Hunter or every other heli only flies in circles on your Android/iOS Version of GTA Vice City you have to update the game.

For an overview over all vehicle locations in GTA VC take a look at the Vehicles Location Map.


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1) Triston Druktenis  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
On an iOS device you can get six stars and steal the rino tank it's easiest to do it my way
2) DirJucktWohlDieKimme  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Es gibt noch einen weg um daran zu kommen,an Rhino und Hunter. Dafür muss man allerdings cheaten. Man gibt den Passantenaufstands cheat ein und Chicks with guns. Wenn das passiert ist bekriegt sich soziemlich jeder,außer die Bullen. Naja nach dem du den Cheat eingegeben hast kannst du nach fort Baxter und dir holen was du willst,da dieSoldaten damit beschäftigt sind sich selbst zu bekriegen achten sie nicht auf dich.
3) dann kratzt dich doch  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
den Passantenkriegs-Cheat kann man aber nicht mehr rückgängig machen und wenn man mit geklautem Hunter aber auch aktiviertem Cheat speichert ist der Cheat immer(!) aktiv.
4) Rahul  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Hey....i want to tell about hunter helicopter...yu can find it even after collecting only 40 hidden packages.....I have tried it many times and every time i have found it in the army can also try it.....cheers!! :)

edit by selmiak, your nice webmaster around these pages:


(I somehow don't want to delete this troll message though...)
5) Dennox  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Hallo Leute. Wenn ihr die Hauptmissionen erledigt habt, steht der Hunter bei Fort Baxter auch bei 0 Päckchen. Wenn ihr das 100-ste Päckchen DANACH findet, dann steht der Hunter auch am Ocean Beach Helipad.
Wenn ihr zuerst 100 Päckchen sammelt und dann die Mission "Freunde und andere Feinde" macht, steht der Hunter nur in der Kaserne. Der zweite Heli kommt dann erst bei 100%.
6) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
hey Dennox,
der zweite Heli hat mich immer schon verwundert, danke für den Hinweis. Ich werde das bei gelegenheit mal testen ( im 5jahresplan drin ;))
7) Creepy95  (
wrote on:
One problem: If you get in the rhino, and go to the pay'n spray the game writes: Whoa, a dont touch anything THAT hot!
8) BUYONGA MIKE  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I have reached 72 percent, I always cheat on the rhino
9) Aran  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Too bad u need 90 hidden packages cuz finding those take a long time. :(

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