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Get into the Sentinel and take the 2 guys with you to the Front Page Bar. The two guards in front of the cafe can just be run over with the car. Now you can talk to the boss. He refers you to the DPB Security, and this is exactly where you go now. There you take care of 5 guys, preferably with a shotgun. Or from the roof on the other side of the roof. They don't even climb up there, they just run against the wall and try to shoot you.
Now two PCJs crash through the wall, so you have to follow them. They won't be that fast, so the Sentinel is good enough for this job. But of course you can also use a fast car for following them as you will get to them faster and you will get away faster from the security van that is starting to ram you once you start driving.
And then you have to kill the guys on the motorcycle, this is the best part of the job as a mobster, isn't it! They always drive to the lighthouse in the southeastern end of the island. Just shoot them there.

After the mission being a mobster shows its ugly side, Lance calls and whines at you...

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